Kebony Siding Approved for Climate-Shield Rain Screen System

Posted by Chris Nolan on Tue, Apr 18, 2017 @ 06:04 AM

We have been testing and evaluating Kebony® wood for some time now and have found it to be a unique wood siding product with exceptional stability. Kebony was developed in Norway and the Kebony technology permanently modifies the cell walls of Radiata Pine wood to create a sustainable siding material with great looks and remarkable performance. Because of its performance and durability, Kebony has been approved for use with the Climate-Shield Rain Screen System.

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Kebony is real wood - the innovative impregnation and drying process adds 50% to the cell walls of pine softwood which modifies, strengthens and stabilizes it for exterior use. Kebony siding is a sustainable natural wood cladding solution for rain screen projects. Kebony offers a thirty-year warranty on their decking and siding when they are used in accordance with manufacturer’s instructions.

Over the past seven years, Climate-Shield has rapidly become the mostly widely specified rain screen system in North America. The high performance of the marine grade aluminum components for Climate-Shield rain screen clips, starter rails, attachment channels and outside corners are designed to withstand the forces of nature and the test of time. Climate-Shield’s design flexibility, reliable fastening for a variety of both residential and commercial wall assemblies has caught the attention of many of the most widely respected architectural design firms. 

When you add a long-lasting, all natural wood cladding as the façade for the Climate-Shield rain screen system, the entire wall assembly is both naturally beautiful and enduring. Kebony meets the mark as a durable and desirable cladding option for this high-performance rain screen system. Using Kebony wood siding with the Climate-Shield system allows architects and designers to creatively incorporate the warmth and natural appearance of real wood into their designs.

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