7 Ways to Choose the Right Siding

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Selecting the appropriate siding for your home or business is an important decision. Your siding makes an immediate impression to the whole world about you. Particularly on the front facade. Let’s face it, we’d all prefer to hear “oohs and aahs”, not “oh, my, what an eyesore” or “how ugly is that siding”. There are plenty of siding options, choose your cladding material wisely.  Do your homework. Pick the one (or ones) that work best for you.

7 Key Factors to Selecting the Right Siding for You

What would you like the world to see on the front of your home?  In architecture, the word ‘façade’ means; the face of a building, especially the principal front that looks onto a street or open space.  The appearance of your home or property makes a bold statement to everyone who passes by or visitors. It’s like a smile. What’s the look and style you are aiming for? Modern? Traditional? Warm look? Cool look? Eclectic? Eye catching or subdued?  There are material options for all styles and tastes.

Ipe_rain_screen_by_Anmahian_Winton_Architects_Cambridge_MAArchitectural rainscreen hardwood cladding design on  modern home

Architectural Style. Matching the architectural style of your siding to your home is a very good idea. You can sometimes incorporate different siding materials that work well together.  Stone is often incorporated with wood or warmer colored siding.  Neutral stucco is sometimes mixed with a splash of colored siding (wood or other) for a nice balance. Installing siding vertically can create a whole new appearance.

Scour the internet for design ideas. Check out siding galleries online. Take a drive. Explore. Whatever cladding material and style you select, make certain it works with the design of your home.

Trespa Pura siding is the star of this mixed cladding facade 

Tasteful use of stucco, stone and Trespa siding

Lifestyle. Consider your lifestyle before deciding on what siding material works best for you. A natural wood siding might be a great reflection of your tastes and preferences. Or not. A low maintenance cladding might be a great candidate for a busy lifestyle. Choose  the siding that works best for you.

Performance.  How well will your siding perform?  How long will your siding last? How will it protect your home?  Rainscreen siding systems are continuing to gain popularity. Why? They perform exceptionally well. Rainscreens extend the lifetime of both your siding and your home. By managing moisture effectively (inside and out), they reduce your life-cycle costs.  And they can help with energy costs, too.

Ipe vertical wood rain screen Vertical rainscreen siding transforms 'ranch style' home


Siding Material Options. There a myriad of siding options to choose from. Vinyl siding, stucco, cement board siding, metal siding, brick, softwood siding, hardwood rainscreen siding, stone, HPL siding and more. Vinyl, stucco and cement are lower cost siding options. Do they work for you? Softwood and hardwood sidings have a wonderful natural appeal. Are they a fit for your project?

Metal siding that looks like wood is an option. But what happens when it fades? How will it perform in a hailstorm? Natural stone and brick are lovely. Do they fit your scheme? HPL sidings (high density plastic laminate) like Trespa Pura are available in wood decors and are low maintenance. Do they fit your budget?

Trespa Pura cladding Royal Mahogany wood decor

Trespa Pura premium cladding


Trespa RESIDENTIAL  Projects Portfolio   DOWNLOAD TODAY


What is your siding budget? Lots of considerations come into play here. Try to resist the temptation to 'skimp' on your siding budget or you may be sorry later.  Before deciding on your siding budget, think about all your goals (long term and short term). How long will you live in your home? if your answer is 'a long time', remember that you'll be seeing this siding every day for 'a long time". 

Choosing a reliable siding contractor is an important part of your budgeting process, too. Check out this article for criteria to selecting the right contracting company for you.

Resale value. Is resale value of your property important to you? If so, choosing a premium siding may improve your home value compared to a lower cost option.  If you are selling your home, the look of your front façade is critical to getting buyers to come in the front door. A better-looking siding material is like having a ‘welcome home’ sign on you front door.

We hope you enjoyed this article. Please explore MataverdeDecking.com for additional information about wood siding options, siding galleries, Trespa siding galleries and lots more.

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