Hardwood Decking lasts...and lasts beautifully

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High density hardwood decking outlasts and outperforms all other decking materials.  Of the myriad of decking material options available, only high density hardwood decking can stand the test of time, naturally and beautifully. High density hardwood decking is a renewable resource and is harvested by sustainable yield forestry methods including FSC Certification.  The most respected hardwood decking species include Ipe hardwood decking, Cumaru hardwood decking, Garapa hardwood decking and 100% Pure FSC Machiche hardwood decking materials.

Ipe hardwood decking is so strong and stable it is used on boardwalksBarefootin' - Hardwood decking is so strong and splinter resistant it is used on boardwalks

Hardwood decking outperforms all synthetic and composite decking materials in terms of strength and span capacity.  Unlike composite decking, the natural strength of the wood fibers in hardwood decking allow it to span greater distances with minimal deflection.  Hardwood decking does not bend when it gets hot out like plastic decking. If your kids or pets get too frisky and accidentally scratch your deck surface, high density hardwood decking can be easily sanded.  You can't do that with composite decking or plastic decking.

Hardwood decking  1x4 Ipe hardwood decking materialSome species of high density hardwood decking such as Ipe hardwood decking and Cumaru hardwood decking possess natural fire resistant qualities.  Both of these hardwood decking materials are Class A fire rated.  You definitely don't want to see what happens to plastic and composite decking in the event of a fire or even cigar or cigarette burns.  High density hardwood decking can withstand all sorts of punishment.

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