Rain Screen Siding System Develops new Rain Screen Starter Rail

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Portland, Oregon- The Climate-Shield Rain Screen Wood Siding System has just introduced a new rain screen siding accessory to their product line. The Climate-Shield™ Rain Screen Siding Starter Rail is eight feet long and is engineered to make rain screen wood siding installations faster than ever. Additionally, the new design allows rapid elimination of water from the wall cavity behind the rain screen siding.rain screen sysytem assembly showing starter rail, siding vent and rain screen clips

Instead of screwing Climate-Shield™ Rain Screen Clips to the exterior sheathing to start your rain screen siding project, you are now free to use an 8' long rain screen starter rail to speed up the installation process. When installing rain screen wood siding, or traditional wood siding for that matter, it is imperative that the first course of siding be completely level around all four sides of the home or structure. This allows subsequent courses of siding to stack perfectly for a beautiful and consistently level rain screen wood siding installation.

The eight foot length of the Climate-Shield Rain Screen Starter Rail makes it much easier and faster for rain screen siding installers to get that critical first course of wood siding perfectly level. The Rain Screen Starter Rail is pre-drilled for easy and secure screwing into the exterior sheathing. The bottom of the rain screen starter rail is angled back to allow any moisture or water to flow to the weep holes for quick elimination.

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