Cumaru Decking and Cumaru Lumber are Soaring

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Cumaru decking and Cumaru lumber are soaring in popularity.  The architectural and design community has discovered the versatility of Cumaru decking and Cumaru lumber.  More and more we are finding Cumaru hardwood being specified for projects where durabilty and affordability are key design objectives.  When the construction budget is a primary concern for projects, many design and construction professionals are turning to Cumaru decking or Cumaru lumber as a cost saving alternative for their projects.

cumaru deck and cumaru railing system


Cumaru is so hard and durable it's really not much of a tradeoff when substituting Cumaru lumber or Cumaru decking for Ipe lumber or Ipe decking.  Ipe lumber is 2.8 times harder than white oak. Cumaru lumber is 2.5 times harder than white oak...and Cumaru is actually slightly more dense than Ipe. As a high density hardwood, Cumaru is a long lasting, highly durable hardwood species. Cumaru is naturally resistant to insects including termites and carpenter ants.  Cumaru lumber is also resistant to natural decay.  Mataverde® Premium Cumaru Decking actually carries a 25 year limited warranty against decay and insects.




Cumaru is being used as a decking material in backyard decks beautifully. Cumaru wood can be used for rain screen wood siding, outdoor furniture and lots more. With its natural reddish brown tones and exotic graining and character, Cumaru decking and lumber can be used to add all-natural beauty in a wide variety of exterior projects. Cumaru lumber can take such a beating that Cumaru 2x4's has been used for the Coney Island boardwalk.  More recently, Cumaru lumber and Cumaru decking were used for decking, railings, stairs and ramps at Pier 15 at the South Street Seaport in New York City.



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