FSC Ipe Wood Decking Selected for US Fish and Wildife Project

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FSC® Ipe decking was the right product for the US Fish and Ipe decking on ADA compliant rampWildlife Department's recent outdoor structure. The completion of its newest observation fire tower at the Kettle Pond compound located in Charlestown, Rhode Island. The tower is decked out in FSC Certified (Forestry Stewardship Council) IPE decking. Among the key reasons Ipe decking was chosen for this outdoor structure was for its strength, sustainability, beauty and longevity.

The construction was completed by Hugo Key and Son, Inc of Newport, Rhode Island Ipe deck platform on towerin association with the environmentally sensitive architectural firm of William D Warner Architects of Exeter, RI. The natural appearance of the ipe decking of the structure is complemented by exquisite stone work and a stainless railing system that will insure the enjoyment of generations of visitors traveling to beautiful South County. The three story structure boasts panoramic views of Block Island Sound to the south and Long Island Sound to the west.

FSC® Ipe wood decking has some amazing characteristics:

  • Scratch resistance (The high density of FSC Ipe decking with stainless steel railingsIpe wood makes Ipe decking extremely resistant to abrasion from foot traffic)

  • Strength (Ipe decking out-spans nearly all decking materials)

  • Fire resistance (Ipe wood has a Class A fire rating)

  • Low slippage (Ipe has been tested to be in compliance with ASTM testing for ADA compliance for coefficient of friction in a wet environment)

  • High durability (the US Forest products Laboratory has tested Ipe wood and has rated it Very Durable)

  • Ipe decking is highly resistant to decay and insects

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