Garapa Rain Screen Cladding Project

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Garapa Rain Screen Project in Pennsylvania

Garapa hardwood cladding can be used effectively as a wood siding material in a beautiful and sustainable rain screen design. Recently, the architectural firm of CDA Chris Dawson Architect in Harrisburg, PA was in the process of creating a unique and sustainable design for a residential remodel project and addition for a client.

Project architect Dave Franknecht exercised a great deal of due diligence in researching the best sustainable designs for their clients’ project needs. Dave and other architects in the office found the Climate-Shield rain screen system to present the best option for their client. The Climate-Shield rain screen system also aligned perfectly with their company mission of “…to give our clients more than they ask for as we design buildings and spaces that not only work but are deeply beautiful”.


After researching a plethora of potential cladding options for the rainscreen design, the architects and client found the warm beauty of Garapa hardwood siding to work best for their design. Garapa hardwood cladding has beautiful and warm golden yellow tones to honey-brown colors, the exotic graining and figuring adds subtle character and charm to enhance the design.  The affordable cost of Garapa siding also helped the design team achieve a corporate goal of, “quickly develop elegantly simple and cost effective solutions.”

To bring this design to life, the well respected construction firm of McCoy Brothers in Carlisle, PA was selected to build the project. McCoy Brothers has had a long and successful history of satisfied customers since 1946. Although their installation team had not worked specifically with the Climate-Shield rain screen system before, they showed true craftsmanship in their work and liked the ease of installation of the rainscreen cladding products.  The entire construction team at McCoy Brothers brought their extensive skills, experience and artistry to bear to produce a beautiful finished project for yet another satisfied client.

Garapa rain Screen offers beautiful color contrast to brick

The warm golden tones of the Garapa cladding work together to complement the earthy red toned of the brick used elsewhere on the home. The combination of the colors and textures of the inorganic brick and the organic natural beauty of the Garapa wood create a beautiful juxtaposition of design elements that allowed the architectural team to achieve their design vision for their client. Leaving the healthy and sustainable benefits of using a well designed rainscreen system aside for a moment, the sheer beauty of the rainscreen system using the Garapa wood siding is fulfilling all by itself.

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