The Rain Screen Ipe Wood Siding Advantage - Part 2

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With a rain screen wood siding system, not only are you defending your home from harsh elements, but you are making it healthier and more beautiful at the same time. The design of the rain screen clips used when installing our wood siding makes it so the fastener is hidden, there is no need for furring strips and various other disadvantages.

The Climate-Shield Rain Screen Clip is one of the strongest on the market and is perfectly designed for installing Ipe wood siding effectively. The stainless steel screws provided with each rain screen clip can be fastened directly to the sheathing. Installation is made easier by being able to attach a rain screen clip to the end of each piece of wood.

As soon as you make the decision to go with wood siding, make sure you go with the best installation methods available. A rain screen wood siding system not onlyrain screen wood siding looks beautiful, but protects your home from the harsh elements outside better than any other siding system.

Sometimes it is hard to find siding that is not only strong but also energy efficient. With a rain screen wood siding system, we have married natural beauty, durability and efficiency for the best siding system available, and with Ipe wood and Climate-Shield™ Rain Screen Clips, your house can be protected and look great!

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