Climate-Shield is a Complete Wood Rain Screen System

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The Climate-Shield® Rain Screen System™ has become the world’s first patented, pressure-equalized, open joint, back ventilated wood rain screen system. Yes, that’s a mouthful. What does it mean and why is it important? Let’s break it down.

Climate-Shield is a Patented SystemClimate Shield Rainscreen System component detail

That means you can rely on the quality and the integrity of the entire system. You don’t have to worry about potential quality concerns or legal repercussions by using a knock-off or lower quality rain screen components.  The patent itself is for not only for the rain screen clips, it covers the entire system, including the proprietary siding profile, starter rail and the Climate-Shield rain screen accessories.

Pressure Equalized Rain Screen 

Because the Climate-Shield system’s unique design requires no wood furring strips, the air movement in the wall cavity is not trapped within a single cavity. An engineer would tell you that this also minimizes the wind load in the wall cavity and maximizes the wind load resistance. This is especially important at the outside corners of the building where your structure is most vulnerable and the wind forces are most violent. The Climate-Shield rain screen system is designed to withstand hurricane force winds in excess of 200 MPH.

Open Joint Rain Screen is energy efficient

Although pressure equalization is one key factor in allowing any moisture trapped in Garapa rainscreen custom outside corner detailthe wall cavity to dissipate quickly, the open joint design of the Climate-Shield system is another equally important feature. When the sun’s rays heat up the rain screen siding, the air in the wall cavity behind the siding heats up. Because the system is designed with a hidden, but open joint, the natural convective air currents allow the heat to escape, away from the building envelope. This can be a major source of energy savings, especially in warm weather and warmer or sunny climates.

Back-ventilated rain screen

By design, the wall cavity created by the Climate-Shield clips, allow for the free movement of moisture that is trapped within the building to egress to the outside, where it rapidly dissipates. And, because there is no wood furring strip to block water from egressing through the building envelope, there is no trapped moisture and no wet wood to rot. Unlike wood furring strip rain screens, the Climate-Shield system is up to 98% efficient at moisture mitigation by design.

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