Cumaru Rain Screen Vs. Atlantic Ocean

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This residential rain screen project in coastal Narragansett, Rhode Island is a tribute to the versatility and exotic beauty of Cumaru hardwood. Incredibly dense and naturally resistant to damage from decay, fire and insects, this popular South American wood species is an ideal cladding material for shoreline construction. In this featured design, Cumaru rain screen siding creates a show-stopping home that will gracefully endure the Atlantic Ocean's very worst for many decades.

Cumaru siding on angled exterior

Cumaru hardwood siding installed in a horizontal rainscreen design


Many aspire to own a beach house, but be forewarned - shoreline construction requires a competent and experienced design and construction team to handle the volatile climate. If cladding materials are ill-chosen, the ocean air’s high moisture content, salinity and damaging winds can wreak havoc on one's dream house. Preventative measures must be taken during the design phase by selecting the strongest and most durable materials available.

The homeowners of this residential project appointed Architect Jason Iaccobucci of Lincoln, Rhode Island to design their beach house. Experienced with coastal New England and its weather conditions, Iaccobucci carefully selected Cumaru rain screen siding to clad the home's exterior. The beautiful hardwood 's high density is one secret to its incredible strength and durability. Its nearly impenetrable surface creates resistance to protect the building envelope from the worst events nature can throw its way.

Cumaru_deck_and_rain_screen_siding-1Cumaru hardwood decking to match to Cumaru wood siding adds a nice touch to the design


Cumaru's durability is further enhanced by the Climate Shield Rain Screen System. This revolutionary cladding system and its patented marine-grade clip are proven to reduce condensation between and under the wood cladding - and the consequential potential rot and decay - associated with traditional wood siding installation. Builders favor the Climate-Shield Rain Screen System because installation is fast, efficient, eliminates the need for furring strips and virtually eliminates potential call backs. 


Cumaru hardwood's exquisite color and graining are beautifully illustrated by this project. Yellowish reds, purplish browns, and medium brown tones - the spectacular range of colors will gradually assimilate over time at a rate which is dependent upon variables such as sun exposure, finishing options and weather conditions. To enhance and protect the Cumaru siding’s warm tones, Penofin UV finish was applied onsite.

Cumaru_vertical_rainscreenCumaru hardwood rainscreen siding installed vertically.


The Climate-Shield rain screen system can be designed easily and effectively either veristically or horizontally. This lovely home used a clever combination of vertical and horizontal cladding. Cumaru hardwood rain screen siding is an excellent siding option for residential and commercial projects located both on and off the coast. Its durability reduces the lifecycle cost of any exterior project and its one of a kind good looks will endure for decades. 

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