Deck Installers Love the Mataverde Deck Clip Hidden Fastener

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We have tested and worked with nearly every hidden deck fastener on the market. We like several of them, others not so much.  But we didn’t really love any of them. That’s why we collaborated with Eurotec, a respected European manufacturer, to create the Mataverde® Deck Clip Hidden Fastener™.  We love it, deck installers love it, and we hope you will, too.


Here’s some feedback we’ve already heard from deck installers and other construction professionals about the Mataverde Deck Clip hidden fastener. A.J. Oxley, Vice President of Ciarra Construction, a respected residential and commercial builder in San Jose, California had a lot to say about the Mataverde Deck Clip.  AJ said, “This clip is totally legit. It fits tighter into the groove and holds the boards down better than other fasteners. Just a way better clip for pre-grooved decking." Ciarra Construction plans to to use this hidden fastener on their next deck project, and A. J. is going to use it on his own house, too.

Holds Better, Lasts Longer

What’s not to like? The Mataverde Deck Clip is a 100% stainless steel clip and screw, that’s longer and stronger than other hidden deck fastener options. The shape and long length of the deck clip holds down more of the deck board for additional stability.  And the 100% stainless steel composition of both the deck clip and the screw ensures this hidden fastener will last as long as the decking and the deck frame.

Mataverde Eurotec Deck Clip Hidden fastener.jpg


Mataverde Hidden Deck Fastener Installs Quickly

The job site friendly container helps you keep all your clips in one place. The drill bit allows you to quickly pre-drill a pilot hole at each joist location and the driver lets you screw the deck clip into your grooved decking for secure fastening and long-lasting performance.

Pre-drill and screw the Mataverde Eurotec Deck Clip through the bottom edge of the pre-grooved deck board.jpg

Budget Friendly and Reliable

The Mataverde Deck Clip is a very affordable hidden deck fastening option that offers high performance and saves lots of installation time on the job site. It works great with pre-grooved decking on jobs that are appropriate for hidden deck fasteners. Works very well for either softwood or hardwood decking installation.

The best place to use hidden deck fasteners are high clearance decks (over 30") with lots of under-deck ventilation (open 3 sides). Because they are thicker and narrower, 5/4 x 4 nominal decking boards are optimal for best looks and long-term deck performance using hidden deck fasteners.

We hope you enjoyed this article. Please visit for additional information about deck fasteners, the Mataverde Deck Clip, deck installation and more.

Mataverde Eurotec Deck Clip

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