DIY Decking Projects in the New Era

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The number of do-it-yourself deck projects has risen significantly.  Existing home sales are at an all time high. Remodeling contractors and decking builders are busier than ever. It’s often hard to find a good contractor who can meet your schedule. This has spurred many industrious homeowners to take on decking projects themselves.


If you are a talented do-it-yourselfer, you may want to consider a home improvement project yourself. If you are considering a decking or rooftop decking project, we have lots of resources to guide you on your path. You may choose to tackle your dream deck project on your own. Or you may enlist the help of a professional licensed contractor. It is entirely up to you.



A Decking Project Starts with an Idea

Do you already have a deck design idea in mind? If not, you may want to peruse our decking galleries. They are full of real projects from throughout the US and beyond. We hope they provide you with the inspiration to choose a deck that can provide an ideal space in your own home.


Another way to stimulate your imagination is to download our decking ideas portfolio. The decking ideas eBook is loaded with some great some deck design ideas. And it is sorted by category, depending on which type of deck or outdoor structure. Are you Interested in a single level deck? How about a multilevel deck? Thinking about a pergola, gazebo, or an outdoor great room? It’s all here.


Get some great decking ideas here

Download the 60 page Decking eBook, featuring over 150 project photos today.

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What Decking Material Works Best for your Project?

Once you've decided what type or style of deck you'd like, it's time to choose your decking material. There are lots of decking material options to consider. From synthetic decking to low-cost softwood decking to high-density hardwood decking.  There are so many decking options to choose from, you may need a little help.


Garapa decking, railing soffits and vertical siding at Lasalle UniversityGarapa hardwood decking on a porch

So, if you are not sure which type of decking works best for your you, we can help. That’s why we created the “Ultimate-Guide to Selecting the Right Decking”. This helpful guide is packed with information to help you choose the right decking for you. It also covers the basic pros and cons of many popular decking material options.

This extremely popular eBook was originally developed as an educational course for architects. It has helped architects and design professionals make the best decking specification decision for their clients. Because of its success as a decking educational tool, we have made it available to everyone.

“Ultimate Guide to Decking” is continuously updated with the latest information. This helpful decking eBook is now used by builders, deck builders, construction professionals, homeowners and more as a learning tool. Download your free decking book today.

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Decking Installation

If you’d like to tackle a decking project yourself, there are lots of rules, regulations and requirements you need to be aware of.  The best place to start is with your local building inspector.  They are aware of all the requirements for properly building a new deck. To install the actual decking boards, we have lots of information and best practices here.


If you’d rather have a licensed contractor build and install your deck, that’s a great idea, too. Experienced, licensed contractors are usually already aware of all the requirements to properly build a deck. When selecting a decking contractor, choose wisely. Here’s a helpful article about choosing a reliable decking contractor.


Choosing the Right Deck Fastener

Face screwing your decking is unquestionably the strongest way to fasten deck boards to joists. With hardwood decking, that means pre-drilling your decking. This is time consuming, but well worth the effort, because it minimizes the potential for deck boards to split. If you don't mind visible screw heads on your deck, this is your best deck fastening option.

Another method to face screw your deck boards is to predrill and countersink your decking, then put matching wood plugs to cover your screw heads. This is more labor intense than standard face screwing. However, many master craftsmen prefer this method, because it combines strength with beauty.

A third option is to use hidden deck fasteners.  The decking costs a little more, because it will need to be pre-grooved. But there are labor savings. And it's an easy way to hide your deck fasteners.  If you're considering the hidden deck fastening method, make sure they are right for your deck. You can find some helpful do's and don'ts for hidden deck fasteners here.


Get some great deck design idea here

Download the 60 page Deck project ideas eBook here, featuring over 150 decks:

150+ Deck Design Ideas eBook  DOWNLOAD YOURS TODAY


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