New Eurotec Components for Better Rooftop Deck Installations

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Rooftop decks face an extreme amount of weather exposure. From day-long UV exposure, to high winds and limited ventilation, rooftop decks face unique challenges. Choosing the right decking materials and deck framing system is a critical success factor. If you are planning, designing or building a rooftop or balcony deck, the Eurotec Deck System is a unique option worth considering. With its innovative European design, adjustable height pedestals and aluminum joists, you can create a reliable, lightweight and sturdy deck frame that can withstand the elements, beautifully and durably.


The Eurotec deck frame system design allows you to use full length hardwood decking boards. The result is a perfectly level and straight deck frame that will not warp, twist or split for a sturdy and beautiful finished deck area.  Eurotec has been manufacturing high quality fasteners and deck system components in Europe for nearly two decades. Their innovation, precision and technology are recognized worldwide. Eurotec has recently developed new rooftop and balconytop deck components that can help you design and build exceptional rooftop and balcony deck spaces for rest, relaxation and comfort.

New Profi-Line Pedestals Make Rooftop Deck Installation Faster - keeps your project on schedule

Eurotec ProLine L pedestal.pngThe newly developed Profi-Line pedestals are more adjustable than previous pedestal designs.  Because the height ranges for these new pedestals ‘overlap’, you have many options to use if you are surprised by varying roof heights during an installation. This helps ensure you don’t have to stop your job during installation and keeps your project running smoothly, on time and on budget.  If you have ever had to stop a job in mid-stream because you ran out of materials, you can certainly appreciate the time savings and cost savings of keeping your installation on time and on budget.

New Black Aluminum System Profile is a hidden value

Eurotec Aluminum System Profile - Black.jpgThe Eurotec Aluminum System Profile is a key feature of the Eurotec Deck System. Because it is straight, true, strong, lightweight and non-combustible, aluminum is an excellent material for rooftop deck framing. Eurotec just made it even better – the Aluminum System Profile is now available in black, rendering the frame nearly invisible between the deck boards.  Rooftop and balcony decks often have lots of sun exposure and glare and the matte black finish eliminates any potential reflection from the frame.

New Hidden Fastener Option Speeds up Installation

The new Twin System Holder hidden fastener is the fastest and most efficient way to
install decking on a roof or balcony. This innovative and time-saving deck fastening option uses pre-grooved Eurotec_Twin_System_Holder.jpgdecking, which eliminates any time and labor expenses of cutting kerfs into the decking. Even better, because this hidden fastener screws directly to the aluminum system profile (not the wood, there is no need to pre-drill any hardwood decking boards. If you ever pre-drilled hardwood decking, you will appreciate the time and labor savings of eliminating that step from your installation process. Due to the high exposure, low clearance and minimal ventilation in a rooftop or balcony deck, we suggest using 5/4 x 4 hardwood decking for this installation method.

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