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When choosing beautiful siding for your project, some important questions to ask yourself are, "Will the siding last?" and "How will it look in five or ten years?".  And "Can it take the punishment nature dishes out?". When investing in premium siding for your exterior you want gorgeous good looks, hands down. How can you be sure those looks will last? Trespa Pura siding has the answers.


Trespa pura siding in  Mamaroneck, NY

Pura® NFC in Romantic Walnut wood décor contrasted with Mystic Cedar in Mamaroneck, NY


Pura® NFC sidings by Trespa wants to consistently deliver the premium products that they produce.  How do they do it?  Trespa International's Quality R&D Scientists have shared 10 short videos that show their testing of Trespa panels under extreme conditions.

Two of the tests are important since they measure the strength of the siding under extreme pressure, like high wind and storm conditions. Your project will most likely endure these conditions in its lifetime, no matter what your climate.

  • Test #3 Resistance to Fixing demonstrates how well the siding fasteners hold up to the pull of high winds.
  • Test #4 Mechanical Strength tests how the siding plans and panels perform, despite high pressure on the siding. 


Siding Every Which Way But Loose

Trespa Pura siding Royal Mahogany wood decorA modern Trespa Pura exterior in Royal Mahogany wood décor


Want to see the beauty of Pura® NFC siding in real-world projects?

Download the "Trespa Pura Residential Projects Portfolio" today.

No one wants to inspect their exterior after a storm and find loose or cracked panels. That can let water or insects in and means costly repairs. In Test #3 Resistance to Fixing, Trespa’s “Next Materials House” R&D center demonstrates how they test for resistance to extreme pulling such as high wind conditions.

In this test, Trespa applies extreme pressure to the panel to see how much the siding can take before the screw comes loose or the panel splits. They prove it will meet and exceed your expectations. Have a look:



This brief video from Trespa's Quality R&D gives you a visual of how the Resistance to Fixing test is done. 



Cladding That Won't Get Bent Out of Shape

Trespa Pura Romantic Walnut cladding on lakefront home in Alabama

The Romantic Walnut wood décor will last, and last beautifully, on this southern lakefront home.


"So the screw doesn't move but the panel is still getting abused by a storm? Now what?" Siding panel strength is important since a bent panel is going to look awful and cost money to replace. No one wants broken or damaged on their home or building.

In Test #4 Mechanical Strength, Trespa’s R&D shows the durability and flexibility of the panels. The siding will perform extremely well, and stay in place as installed, even when subjected to high pressure.



This brief video from Trespa's Quality R&D gives you a visual of how the Mechanical Strength test is done. 



Are you intrigued? Want to learn more? Please head over to our Trespa Pura Quality Videos page on our website, click here. There you can see all 10 of the tests for Trespa Quality.

Now that you know how tough Trespa is, get more inspiration for designing with Pura by visiting the:


How can we help make your next siding project the best it can be? Click here to contact us.



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