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How do you choose cladding that can stand up to almost anything and still look good? Pura NFC® siding by Trespa is proven to last through common and extreme conditions by the Quality R&D lab at Trespa International. Whether in residential or commercial applications, Pura NFC® makes sure they can deliver on the promise of lasting appearance.

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Quality testing proves that rich Pura NFC® siding colors won't fade away.

How Does Pura NFC® Siding Assure Quality? 

Pura NFC® has 10 short videos that demonstrate the high standards of testing applied to their panels. The Trespa Quality R&D Scientists show how Pura NFC® keeps Trespa's promises about finish rentention.

The following two tests show that Pura NFC® panels surpass the highest standards when subjected to chemical and weather-based testing.

  • Test #9 Appearance testing is a relevant final step to several other tests performed on the surface of the siding panels. Consistency of color and gloss is the keystone to their panel appearance and, therefore one of the most important measurements they take.
  • Test #10 Chemical Resistance testing is specifically done because Trespa siding panels are commonly used inside chemical laboratories. However, it also speaks to the durability of the surface of the panels under unusual exterior conditions.

 Trespa Pura Puget SoundResidential siding applications are worry-free with Pura NFC® durability. This house on Puget Sound features Romantic Walnut decor.

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Trespa quality outshines other sidings.


Pura NFC® Exteriors are Tough and Beautiful

The Trespa Quality Lab puts Pura NFC® siding through rigorous tests including UV light and extreme weather conditions. They measure the appearance of the panel samples before and after this controlled exposure.

Two of the qualities they measure are color and gloss. The goal of testing is to determine if the panels will keep the same color and finish throughout the tests, as expected. This includes the range of Wood decor colors and the Lumen color profiles with finishes that diffuse light. 

For color consistency, the Quality R&D Scientists base their results on standardized industry color scales. They are looking for fading or color changes after exposure to testing conditions. Since all Pura NFC® panels are textured, gloss is measured from several different angles. These tests are done under strictly monitored lighting that does not change in color spectrum or intensity from test to test. This ensures that no matter what direction you view your Pura NFC® siding exterior from, the gloss and light reflection will be the same even after years of exposure.

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Pura NFC® panels are manufactured to withstand exposure conditions of all kinds. Ongoing testing at Trespa International proves the panels will keep the original finish and color while installed on your exterior. This means that  builders, home designers, and property owners who choose Pura NFC® siding for their projects will get – and keep – the appearance they expect.


This short video from Trespa's Quality R&D Lab gives you a visual of how the Appearance tests are done.

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Trespa_Pura_project_totalDesigning with a mix of wood decor colors that will last is easy with Pura NFC® quality.

Want more project inspiration? Check out the Pura NFC® Siding Gallery.

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You might think that chemical resistance for interior laboratory use is not relevant to residential siding. Your home exterior may not come across direct chemical exposure often but household and lawn chemicals, acid rain and other common hazards of outdoor exposure can and do happen. Knowing that the siding you chose has been tested and surpassed a high standard with flying colors will make you confident in the quality of your project.  


This brief video from Trespa's Quality R&D Lab gives you a visual of how the Chemical Resistance tests are done.

If quality in your siding design is important to you, please check out all 10 of the Trespa Pura Quality Videos page on our website.


We hope this was helpful and gave you extra confidence in your siding decision. Can we help make your siding project the highest quality it can be? Let us help with first steps. Click here to contact us.

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