How To Choose Siding That Resists Damage

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Who wants beat-up or broken siding? Nobody. Some of the natural enemies of of siding is the scratching and impact of branches, hail and debris that can damage and dull the appearance. Oh yeah, then there's the kids across the street who just love to play soccer. What if you could be sure your siding would hold up to all of it? Consider Pura® NFC siding by Trespa.


Pura NFC in Aged wood décor won't fade or dull in stormy weather

Pura NFC® by Trespa® creates premium quality products.  And the Quality R&D Scientists at Trespa International have shared 10 short videos that demonstrate the rigorous testing they apply to their panels.

The following two tests prove how well Trespa panels perform when subjected to scratching or impact.

  • Test #5 Resistance to Scratching is illustrates how beautifully the panels hold up to everyday wear and tear such as rubbing tree branches or flying debris.
  • Test #6 Impact Resistance by Large Diameter Ball is important because it shows that the panel strength can handle baseball size hail, or the baseball hit by the kids in the yard, avoiding costly repairs. 


Appearance and Performance are Everything



Trespa Pura exterior in Romantic Walnut wood décor on a beach house



In Test #5 Resistance To Scratching, a diamond tip mimics all sorts of abrasion that can affect your siding. Like the pointy end of a tree branch against your siding. Think about how badly debris and tree limbs can wreak havoc on your siding appearance during stormy weather.

Even on an average day, a tree branch repeatedly rubbing on inferior siding can cause damage quickly. With Trespa you won't worry about a dulled or scratched appearance. Trespa siding panels are tested extensively and proven to hold up to this kind of abuse and keep their appearance year after year. 


This brief video from Trespa's Quality R&D gives you a visual of how the Resistance to Scratching test is done. 




"Come Hail or High Water"

Trespa Pura siding Siberian Larch wood decor Mercers Island WA-1

Siberian Larch wood décor will stay consistently beautiful on this waterfront home.

The next video, Test #6 Impact Resistance by Large Diameter Ball shows how well Trespa panels withstand damage from hail, sleet and impact from flying debris. You can rest assured that your siding will not be dented or blemished, avoiding costly repairs. Whether a monster hailstorm or a loose patio umbrella, Trespa panels are proven to resist damage and keep their good looks throughout the seasons.


Trespa's Quality R&D gives demonstrates the Resistance To Impact By A Large Diameter Ball test is done. 


If quality in siding is important to you, please check out all 10 of the Trespa Pura Quality Videos page on our website, click here.

Now that you know more about Trespa quality, get more inspiration for designing with Pura by visiting the:


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