How To Find Quality Home Siding That Will Keep Its Good Looks

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When choosing home exterior siding,  are you looking for a long-lasting finish that will keep it's new appearance for years? Do you want to take pride in the look and style of your home now, and a decade from now? Heat, humidity and punishing sun exposure are some of the enemies of your siding's good looks. Trespa doesn't just promise performance, it offers proof their siding can take what nature throws at it, and look good doing it.


Trespa Pura NFC Siding mixed decors for facadePura NFC siding, designed here with mixed wood decor colors, will not fade and warp in extreme heat or humidity conditions.

Pura NFC® by Trespa® created 10 short videos that demonstrate the rigorous testing they apply to their panels. The Quality R&D Scientists at Trespa International walk you through these tests to show how they keep the promises they make about their siding. 

The following two tests show definitively how well Trespa panels outperform the standards when subjected to high heat, high humidity and punishing sun exposure across several climates.

  • Test #7 Dimensional Stability at Elevated Temperatures shows Trespa panels being subjected to a range of high humidity levels at very high temperatures to mimic various climates to test its dimensional stability.
  • Test #8 Lightfastness Xenon ARC measures the color fastness of Trespa panels with extreme UV, equivalent to 10 years exposure to the Florida sun.


Trespa Exteriors Can Take The Heat


Pura NFC siding by Trespa Aged Ash wood decor

Trespa Pura in Aged Ash wood decor is low-maintenance perfection when combined with natural stone on this renovated barn.


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Trespa is used in a  wide variety of climates around the world, with different temparure and humidity levels. By measuring the panel samples before and after this controlled exposure, they can be sure that your siding  will withstand the temperature changes and extremes n your location. This means you do not have to worry about warping or bending of your siding planks, or heat ruining the good looks of your clean and straight siding lines. 

The test for Dimensional Stability at Elevated Temperatures carefully mimcs those conditions in the lab. Trespa siding samples are exposed to the high humidity and extreme heat of various climates, from 48 hours and up to 96 hours at a time depending on the example of climate chosen.




This brief video from Trespa's Quality R&D gives you a visual of how the Dimensional Stability at Elevated Temeratures test is done. 


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Romantic Walnut wood décor will stay bright and beautiful under the sun.

We know that UV light is especially tough on the color and finished appearance of your home exterior. It is the most likely culprit of faded siding over time, so Trespa tests for colorfastness under extreme UV exposure conditions. You can be sure your siding will hold it's color and like-new appearance even if you are in an area with high sun exposure year 'round. 

To do this, they expose the siding panels to a constant high dose of UV light from a Xenon ARC lamp for up to 15 hours, to see how it fares. They compare these panels with samples that have not had any exposure, to measure the lightfastness. Because of this testing, whether you live in Orlando, Florida or Moab, Utah,  you can be sure that your home exterior will continue to look as good as the day you built it.



Trespa's Quality R&D gives demonstrates the Lightfastness Xenon ARC test for color and appearance.


Trespa Residential Projects Portfolio Download Today

If quality in siding is important to you, please check out all 10 of the Trespa Pura Quality Videos page on our website, click here.

Now that you know more about Trespa quality, get more inspiration for designing with Pura by visiting the:


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