Ipe Wood Rain Screen Adds Beauty to Downtown Nashville

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If you have never been to Nashville, or haven’t been there recently, you will be amazed by the city’s vitality, energy, creativity and diversity. The city is being transformed culturally and architecturally and you can feel the excitement and enthusiasm. One example is the new Spark center in Downtown Nashville. The natural Ipe wood rain screen siding used in this renovation project adds warmth and beauty to this exterior façade, creating an inviting counterpoint to the metal and glass high rise buildings at this intersection.

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Located on the corner of Fourth Avenue North and Commercial Street, Spark is an extension of Lipscomb University’s initiative to create learning environments for businesses. They offer education and all the technical resources and space to have large or small meetings for collaboration, learning and more. It is becoming a hot-spot and incubator for local business development. From the warm and welcoming natural wood Ipe rain screen siding outside to the carefully designed flexible spaces inside, Spark is a beacon of the positive energy and vibrancy of the Nashville business scene.

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Because of their natural beauty, well-designed wood rain screens offer great looks as well as an energy efficient façade for buildings, homes and other structures. Ipe hardwood siding was selected for this project due, mainly, to its well-known durability, high performance and great looks. The tropical graining and natural color variations of Ipe siding creates a unique look that stands out in this downtown Nashville location.

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Seal Once with a semi-transparent bronze cedar tint helps blend the color and grain variations of the Ipe hardwood rain screen siding attractively and provides great UV protection initially for this lovely project design. Over time, the Ipe siding may be allowed to weather out to a silvery gray patina. Or if the owners prefer a ‘like new’ appearance for the wood façade, the Ipe siding may be re-coated with a fresh coat of Seal Once at any time it is considered desirable.

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The Climate-Shield® Rain Screen System™ was specified for this project because of its unique benefits for energy efficiency, proven performance and ease of installation. Because it provides the essential components to create a high-performance rain screen system, using natural wood siding, Climate-Shield is being specified for commercial, residential, institutional and public projects regularly. This recent project was completed by American Constructors, a well-respected construction company located in Nashville.

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