Is Mataverde Eurotec Deck System the Best Rooftop Deck?

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For years, we have been hearing questions about the best way to create a rooftop deck. Most of the rooftop deck pedestal options limit your design choices to either using deck tiles or building a heavy and cumbersome wood deck frame. Using sleepers is another widely used balcony or rooftop deck design option - but it limits you to a very low clearance that can limit the air flow under the deck and sometimes requires perforations in your roof.  Over the years, many roofing contractors and builders have told me, “Never put extra holes in your roof, you’re asking for trouble.”

Garapa_rooftop_deck_by_the_Organic_Gardener_2After searching worldwide for a great rooftop deck system that best meets the needs of architects, builders and property owners, we have discovered, evaluated and embraced the innovative European technology found in the Eurotec Rooftop Deck System. For decking, we have combined it with the proven performing Mataverde premium hardwood decking line. You can choose from any of the Mataverde decking species including Ipe, Garapa, Machiche or Cumaru hardwoods. The Mataverde Eurotec Deck System™ is just what it says…a complete deck system.

Key Benefits of Mataverde Eurotec Rooftop Deck System

  • Allows you to use full length deck boards on your rooftop deck. You are not limited to designing with deck tiles.

  • Lightweight Aluminum System Profile™ adds a minimal amount of weight to your structure. This is especially important on many rooftop decking projects.

  • The Aluminum System Profile joists are super strong and perfectly straight. They will not rot, check, warp, twist, split or crack like a wooden deck joist.

  • Eurotec adjustable height Rooftop Deck pedestals are very strong and stable and allow you to adjust your deck frame to the exact height and perfect level for your project.

  • The Deck pedestals are quick and simple to install and require no fastening. Simply set the pedestals into place and ‘click’ the aluminum track into the pedestals.

  • Choose from the entire line of Mataverde Premium Hardwood Decking to complete your project. Select the wood deck species to meet your design and color schemes and project budget

  • The Mataverde Eurotec Deck System is constructed using only high quality components to ensure long life, great looks and exceptional performance.

Looking for rooftop deck ideas? Need some inspiration for a rooftop deck design? Download the free "Rooftop Deck Design Ideas Portfolio" today.

DOWNLOAD: The Rooftop Deck Design Project Portfolio

When you choose a high quality long lasting deck framework and combine it with the finest naturally durable hardwood decking, the results are predictable – you end up with a beautiful finished deck project that will hold up and endure for many years.  It’s almost like a fairy tale; ‘Strong, high performance precision deck framework meets gorgeous all-natural decking and live long lives together, aging gracefully happily ever after. Why not go ahead and live the dream? You deserve it.

Please visit our website to learn more about the Eurotec Rooftop Deck System, Mataverde decking options and lots more:


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