Machiche Decking: Low Maintenance Decking That is Durable

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Machiche hardwood decking by Mataverde Premium DeckingIf you're considering a new deck, don't buy the materials without considering Machiche Wood for your decking boards. Like many people, you may not be familiar with this incredible material prior to comparing decking materials. You will be pleasantly surprised to learn that Machiche decking (muh -CHEE'- Chay) is a durable, attractive hardwood species that is sustainably harvested and resistant to decay. When stacked up against other popular decking materials, it's a clear winner on virtually every count. With so many advantages, you'd think it would cost a lot. On the contrary, for such a long lasting decking material it is very affordable, costing less than most synthetic plastic decking boards. 

The Benefits of FSC Mataverde Machiche Virtually Maintenance-Free Decking

Machiche_hardwood_deck_with_panoramic_viewBecause it's made entirely out of heartwood, Machiche decking is exceptionally strong and durable. In fact, it's more than twice as strong as oak and ages gracefully on a deck. This type of 100% natural hardwood decking is resistant to insects and decay, ensuring many years of enjoyment. And when Machiche hardwood decking is allowed to age naturally, it develops a beautiful, silvery patina over time that is easily preserved with an annual coat of sealant. Mataverde Machiche hardwood decking and siding are covered by a 25 year limited warranty against insects and decay.

Machiche hardwood is also an FSC Certified wood product. Having an FSC Certification means that the Forest Stewardship Council has ensured that this remarkable decking material meets all legally and responsible harvesting rules and regulations.  


Build Your Next Deck Out of Machiche Wood Decking

Machiche Decking

With a beautiful Machiche hardwood deck, the days of constantly sanding, staining and re-finishing your deck can be over. This type of natural hardwood decking requires very little maintenance. In fact, it seems to look even better the more it's left alone. It's sustainably harvested too, so you can feel good about using it. In every conceivable way, Machiche decking is the material of choice for any new deck. Don't settle for less - build your new deck out of Machiche for superior results.




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