Ipe Decking and Climate-Shield Rain Screen on Rooftop Deck at Adelphi University

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When Ballinger Architects of Philadelphia needed the right materials to design and build a rooftop deck and parapet walls on the Nexus and Welcoming Center building at Adelphi University, Mataverde Ipe decking, the Climate-Shield Rain Screen System and Ipe cladding were selected to meet the design and construction needs.

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Because Adelphi University’s entire campus is, in fact, an arboretum, great care was taken to help make the design of this building congruous to its surroundings.  Respect for the landscape, sustainable design practices and sensitivity to the built environment were key factors driving the design vision. According to architizer.com, the result is a green roof which also showcases many other energy saving features in the building envelope design.

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Mataverde Premium Ipe hardwood was chosen, not only for the rooftop decking, but also the rain screen cladding on this rooftop oasis.  Well known for its natural durability, color and grain variations and long-lasting beauty, Mataverde Ipe hardwood decking was used throughout the rooftop area. The reliability and proven performance of Ipe decking has been earned continuously on many successful projects throughout North America for decades.


One challenge was to design and build a back ventilated rain screen system for the parapet wall and rooftop planters. To accommodate electrical wiring for the in-wall lighting (and the wider Ipe railing top), Climate-Shield marine grade aluminum z-girts were used to create a deeper wall cavity on the parapet wall. The z-girts are as long lasting as the Climate-Shield rain screen clips (also marine grade aluminum).  When all the design and construction is completed, the Ipe cladding looks great and the parapet wall has a more impressive look and feel.

Ipe rainscreen and z-girts used for parapet walls.jpg

The planter wall was constructed in a similar fashion as the parapet wall, using the Climate-Shield Z-girts, rain screen system and Mataverde Ipe cladding here as well.  When these durable components are combined with a great design and top notch construction techniques, the result is a naturally attractive and long lasting project that will stand the test of time…beautifully.

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