Mataverde Ipe Decking at Nashawannuck Park in Western MA

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Easthampton, MA - For years, there was lots of talk about revitalizing the downtown area of this charming town. One of the best ideas to emerge from numerous discussions and brainstorming sessions was to install a boardwalk and park area around Nashawannuck Pond so people could enjoy the unobstructed view of Mount Tom. But it wasn’t until William Canon, Landscape Architect, created rendered drawings for the proposed promenade park that residents really started to become excited and further planning was soon set in motion. With help from many state and local agencies, it took a village, and a lot more, to bring this wonderful project to fruition.

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Easthampton, MA is considered a ‘small city model for the 21st century’. Nestled in the Berkshire Mountains in western Massachusetts, this small New England community maintains its mill heritage and vitality. With the recently constructed Nashawannuck Pond Promenade Park, complete with an Ipe hardwood boardwalk, downtown Easthampton is now becoming a vibrant destination location where visitors and residents alike can enjoy the natural beauty of the area and visit local merchants and shops.

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Ipe decking boardwalk at Nashawannuck Pond Promenade and Park. Photo courtesy of Pat Brough

Nashawannuck Pond Promenade Park now features an eight-foot-wide Ipe hardwood boardwalk that runs for 500 feet through the downtown area. The park also features boat, canoe and kayak launches and benches to enjoy the scenery and allows all who visit more reasons to stop and enjoy the natural resources in the heart of downtown Easthampton. “It’s pretty unique to have a 30-acre pond that borders your downtown,” former mayor Tautznik stated in an article by the Daily Hampshire Gazette.

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The Ipe boardwalk itself was built by Marois Construction of South Hadley, MA who expertly installed the Ipe hardwood decking. To ensure perfect alignment and consistent construction, they panelized many of the sections of Ipe decking, fastening the boards with stainless steel screws into the framing and then set them into place. Because it is well known for its slip resistance, scratch resistance, durability and natural beauty, Ipe hardwood is often specified for public walks, boardwalks and residential decks.

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