New Architectural Details - Climate-Shield Rain Screen System Released

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We are constantly adding new architectural details and drawings to help architects and design professionals speed up their process. In addition to 3 part CSI specs, we have a number of new rain screen drawing details to help save you design time and minimize frustration. We are constantly adding frequently used details to our CAD portfolio for your use.

climate-shield_rain_screen_1x4_starter_rail_installation_detail.jpgHere’s a short list of Climate-Shield® Rain Screen System™ drawings currently available:

  • Horizontal siding over structural sheathing (such as OSB or plywood)

  • Vertical siding over structural sheathing (such as OSB or plywood)

  • Top course of siding details (below the soffit) for vertical and horizontal installations

  • Outside corner options and details

  • Inside corner details

  • Design details over exterior gypsum

  • Design details over CMU and cast-in-place concrete walls

  • Z-Girt details for use with exterior insulation

Because of its unique design advantages, system performance and structural integrity, the Climate-Shield rain screen system has rapidly become the leading wood rain screen Cumaru_hardwood_rainscreen_cladding_installation-resized-345.jpgsystem being specified and built throughout North America. For your convenience all of these details and drawings are in one convenient location. Additionally, our technical team can assist with custom drawings and details as needed for your particular project design.

With hundreds and hundreds of successful rain screen designs ranging from Canada to Hawaii, California, Texas, Caribbean Islands, Florida, New York, New England, Minnesota and nearly everywhere else in between, you can have the confidence that your unique project design is in good company. 

Please feel free to check out to see cladding options, rain screen details, rain screen galleries and more.

Rain Screen Details

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