Pura NFC Siding is a Great Remodeling Option

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There are lots of siding options to consider when you are remodeling a home. Pura NFC siding offers many benefits that most other cladding options do not. Beauty, exceptionally low maintenance, strength, high UV resistance, and curb appeal are just a few advantages of Pura NFC siding by Trespa.

Pura siding Classic Oak wood decor remodel

For a lighter toned airy look, choose Pura NFC siding Classic oak wood decor

While some siding options add value to your home, others do not. Pura NFC siding adds lots of value and instant curb appeal to renovation projects. Vinyl siding may be a cheaper option, but it rarely adds value - or curb appeal - to a home. Pura NFC siding is available is many wood decor color options...and more.

Trespa Pura NFC Wood decors jpeg-1-1Pura NFC siding is available in many wood decors with consistent color and graining...and the look of real wood

The Pura NFC siding wood decors look like real wood siding. But they don’t have to be painted, stained, or refinished like real wood siding.  The beauty, low maintenance, and high performance of Pura NFC siding elevates into a class of its own. Pura siding is an HPL material (High Pressure Laminate) that is engineered to meet or exceed all that nature can throw at it.

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Whether you are considering new exterior siding for your entire home, or just the front façade of your home, Pura NFC siding is worth your consideration. For a full home siding project, you can use one, or more, Pura decors. The siding project shown below in Cape Cod, Massachusetts chose one wood décor for their entire siding project.

Trespa Pura siding Royal Mahogany wood decor

Pura NFC siding wood decor on the entire facade of Cape Cod home

Meanwhile, In San Luis Obispo, California, the owners needed a new siding material that could stand up to the oceanfront weather and strong UV rays. They chose the grey tones of Pura siding Mystic cedar wood décor. The grey colored siding instantly provides the home with a weathered siding by the seashore look.

Pura NFC siding Mystic Cedar wood decor in San Luis Obispo, CA

When you are thinking about siding colors, either you or your designer can opt to choose more than one Pura siding décor. The project shown below, in Colorado, combines two of the Pura siding wood decors. The darker tones of the Pura Slate Ebony wood décor completely transformed the appearance of most of this 1970’s era mountain home. The lighter tones of the Pura Siberian Larch wood décor were used as an accent on the second floor near the deck area.

Pura NFC siding Slate Ebony and Siberian Larch wood decors

Pura NFC remodeling project in Denver, Colorado area with Slate Ebony and Siberian Larch wood decors

If you are aiming for a different siding look for your project, Pura siding can be combined with other materials. Here's an example of Trespa Pura NFC siding used with corrugated metal siding on a remodel in the Pacific northwest.

Pura NFC siding wood decor used with corrugated metal siding in Seattle

Pura NFC siding Romantic Walnut wood decor provides a warm contrast to the metal siding on this home 

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