Spectacular California Garapa Rainscreen Project

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When redesigning three existing buildings in the heart of Silicon Valley, the design team chose sustainable Garapa hardwood. Everywhere - inside and out. The undeniable good looks of Garapa is evident all over this amazing adaptive reuse project. The light color and natural beauty of Garapa hardwood shines throughout the wood rainscreen, decks, soffits, fencing and sunscreens.

Garapa hardwood rainscreen accents

The world-renowned design team at Gensler spared no attention to the detailing. And their keen vision and design sensibility is apparent throughout the interior and exterior of this spectacular project. Gensler’s San Jose office led the charge on this 300,000 square foot total redesign and rebuild of this technology campus.

Garapa rainscreen siding in California

The team at XL Construction’s Milpitas office skillfully managed the scheduling, planning and coordination of all construction activities.  XL Construction is well known for their collaborative approach. So, they took full advantage of their in-house construction expertise. Then they collaborated with their master craftsmen to bring this project to fruition.

Garapa vertical rainscreen accents in Silicon Valley

The design and construction teams started with three existing buildings. They completely gutted all three of them. The architects ‘re-imagined’ the spaces within, and without, each structure. They designed and built another 50,000 square foot building.  This building serves as a connector between the buildings and courtyard.

What was once three separate buildings is now a single integrated campus. And natural Garapa wood is a unifying theme throughout.  Garapa hardwood is sustainably harvested, is durable and works beautifully as an exterior design feature. Comparatively, Garapa is an affordable, premium cladding option.

Garapa rainscreen copyright image-center.com

Within the campus courtyard there is a full acre of amenities. This area includes landscaping, an indoor/outdoor workout area, a barbecue area, pizza ovens, seating and more. Also, contained within this space is a Garapa deck, Garapa sunscreens, and a Garapa pergola. The scope, amount of coordination and work of this project is utterly impressive. 

Garapa vertcial rainscreen and soffits at entrance

The grand entrance features a spectacular two story Garapa siding and vaulted soffit using the Climate-Shield Rainscreen System. Both of these design elements carry through from the exterior to the interior. This section required a collaborative effort of the general contractor, architect, owner and trade partners to construct this beautiful area.

Garapa vertical rainscreen and soffits

Garapa hardwood rainscreen is the star of the show throughout the many sections of the exterior façade and accent areas. Most facades feature the rainscreen installed vertically. The design team exercised great care to vary the widths of the rainscreen siding, alternating 1x4 and 1x6 nominal sizes of wood siding. This artistic design takes full advantage of the natural color variations and grain variations of Garapa wood.

Garapa hardwood  vertical rainscreen copyright image-center.com

The construction team did a masterful job with expert installation of the Garapa siding. Here too, you can see the great attention to detail and artistic arrangement of the various boards.  The width variations, color and graining variations all work together harmoniously. And the beautiful natural look of the wood siding and soffits speaks for itself.

Garapa hardwood vertical rainscreen and garap sun screen fins

Garapa sun screens add yet another spectacular design feature.  Over the vertical Garapa rainscreen siding you can see these fins, using dimensional Garapa hardwood. This architectural design element provides a focal point. It also functions as a sunlight filtering shade.

Garapa horizontal rain screen and soffits

In another alcove, horizontally installed Garapa hardwood siding works nicely.  The same varied width installation technique looks great here.  By installing wood rainscreen siding horizontally, a linear effect grabs your eyes. This theme carries up the wall and carries upward into the soffit area.

Garapa hardwood fencing design

Here you can see the warm natural look of Garapa wood on the fencing. The cohesive use of natural exterior hardwood throughout the project design creates a beautiful and appealing theme. Well done.


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