Trespa Pura Siding Graces Suburban Home in New York

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When a homeowner in Mamaroneck, New York was considering re-cladding her home, there were lots of options to consider.  Vinyl siding was ruled out quickly because she wanted a higher end look. Wood siding was not chosen because of the maintenance requirements. Fiber cement siding was a candidate, too, at first, until the look, brittleness, lower performance and high maintenance aspects were considered. Ultimately, Trespa Pura siding was chosen because it was so beautiful and met all the short term and long term project requirements.

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She sent us pictures of the finished Trespa Pura siding project, which in her words, “…looks really nice, the pictures don’t do it justice.” To create visual interest and curb appeal with the brick and stone design elements, two Trespa Pura wood décor colors were selected: Romantic Walnut for it’s warm wood appearance and Aged Ash for its subtle weathered wood look and appeal. Although both colors have the attractive appearance of real wood, they are very easy to maintain. Trespa Pura never needs to be painted or repainted. Ever. A simple soap and water cleaning, as needed, works great to keep Trespa Pura looking beautiful.


Trespa Pura Wood Decor Colors

Since 1960, Trespa cladding products have become well known for their great looks and excellent performance, especially in the architecture and design communities. Because of its relative affordability with most project budgets, Trespa Pura is making the leap into construction communities, too. Remodelers love Trespa Pura. Builders see the value of Trespa Pura. Installers rave about the ease of Trespa installation and great looks.  For a low life-cycle cost, low maintenance siding option, think Trespa.

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