Pura NFC Siding Renovation Upgrades Quality, Lowers Maintenance

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When an ultramodern update was needed at an established surf shop in sunny Hawaii, Pura NFC® by Trespa siding met all the design criteria. Pura siding boasts high fade resistance to UV rays, extreme durability, and low maintenance needs. This surfside storefront will be riding the wave and looking good for a long, long time. Check out the many reasons Pura NFC® by Trespa was the best choice for this project. 

Trespa Siberian Larch Hawaii Storefront (1)Storefront facade update for Hawaiian Island Creations retail store using Pura NFC siding, Siberian Larch wood decor.

(Finished project photos courtesy of Beau Nobmann, HPM Building Supply)


The choice of Pura NFC siding in the Siberian Larch wood decor provides an "instant weathered" look for this beachside surf shop, Hawaiian Island Creations (HIC). HIC prides itself on 50 years of authentic Hawaiian clothing and surf gear. This facade upgrade at their Kailua, Oahu location reflects that history beautifully. Pura siding has the  advantages of a real woodgrain look and feel. When you want the look of wood but need a uniform color and grain pattern, Pura is a great design option. But with NFC siding, the beauty and quality are more than skin deep.

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Why choose Pura® NFC siding by Trespa?

If you are considering a project location in Hawaii, some of the factors to consider are UV rays, storms, and the daily wear and tear of a public facing facade. Many siding material options, like vinyl, will "ugly out" from exposure long before you're ready to replace it structurally.

To ensure this won't happen, Pura NFC® by Trespa panels go through 10 rigorous quality tests in the Trespa Quality R&D Labs to maintain and exceed the standards they promise. Trespa is a strong High Pressure Laminate (HPL) cladding. You can be assured that your siding will stay as good as new for years.


Trespa Siberian Larch Hawaii Storefront (4)

Siberian Larch Pura Wood Decor with coordinating corner trim wraps the existing cinderblock facade



Here are just a few of the tests that show the durability and quality needed for this type of project:

UV Fade and Heat Resistance - Extreme sun exposure - like on a Hawaiian shoreline - needs extreme UV resistance. This means no concerns about uneven coloring, fading, loss of color or finish. Pura also has superior resistance to high heat and humidity to avoid warping. 

Dent and Scratch Resistance - From handling flying storm debris to withstanding flying sand and passing foot traffic, Trespa siding will surpass your expectations. The high resistance to punctures, dents and scrapes keeps the exterior durable and looking as good as new.


Low Maintenance Siding

Are you thinking, 'great, but what about cleaning up the usual weather and dirt?" You can't avoid exterior exposure to weather, sand, dirt, and debris on a storefront. Good news! Trespa siding cleans up simply with soap and water.  A periodic cleaning as needed is all it takes to keep it as attractive as the day it was installed. 

If there is damage to your Trespa siding, replacement planks will match original planks since the color doesn't fade or dull. Repair is that much easier!


before and after HIC Trespa storefrontBefore (left), the retail storefront was a dated cinderblock facade. After (right), Pura Wood Decor in Siberian Larch gives an instant weathered beachfront look but with the resilience of Trespa siding.

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Pura NFC Siding wood decor colors

Pura NFC siding is available in eight gorgeous wood decors. These high-performance colors offer the natural look of real wood, in a low maintenance cladding material.

Pura NFC Siding wood decors

Trespa Pura NFC Wood decors jpeg-1Looking for a sophisticated, modern look?  The Pura NFC Lumen decors come in two darker, light diffusing tones.

Pura NFC Lumen decors

trespa lumen color swatches

Would you like to see for yourself?

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Siding Installation

General Contractor Armstrong Builders, LLC and siding contractor BEK Inc. made this renovation project a reality. By installing Pura siding with matching corner trim, the weathered gray look of Siberian Larch wood decor wraps around the existing cinderblock below and installed in a pattern with horizontal lines and chevron placement above to create the ultramodern feel the design called for here.


Trespa Siberian Larch Hawaii Storefront (2)

The retail storefront completed, with chevron designs around the upper window awnings. 


Would Pura NFC by Trespa siding be a fit for your next siding project? Will you need the high quality and durability of HPL Cladding? We are happy to answer questions or send samples of Trespa siding. Contact a specialist or request a quote and let's get you started on a quality siding project!


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