Trespa Pura Sidings Accents New Home Facade in South Carolina

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The rich look, low maintenance and low life cycle costs of Trespa Pura NFC® sidings are well known. Trespa Pura may be used to clad an entire exterior façade, or may be used as an accent in a mixed cladding design. This lovely urban infill home features a combination of stone, brick and Trespa Pura sidings. The rich look of the Trespa Pura Wood Decors Collection adds warmth and beauty to the exterior of this home.

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Croft Architecture in Greenville, SC often uses a mixed palette of cladding options for their residential designs. Their use of Trespa Pura Romantic Walnut as an accent adds a welcoming appearance and visual beauty to the exterior. This home is the first of three to be built and is another iconic example of the transformation of North Main Street, located on the ‘sleepy side’ of downtown Greenville. Many of the homes in this area have become somewhat neglected or converted to office space. This lovely home plants its roots in the rich traditions of Greenville’s heritage.

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Peery Homes of Greenville specializes in custom homes and high-end remodeling. Peery built this gem of a property with their usual attention to detail, expert installation and meticulous craftsmanship. Together with the cooler, solid look of the stone and the formal beauty of the brick, the natural look of Trespa Pura sidings wood décor color tones adds a warm invitation to this attractive new home.  The combination of these exterior design elements creates a wonderful appeal to this project.

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Trespa Pura was used throughout the exterior project design as a siding material, for soffits and a porch ceiling for an outdoor entertainment area. Whether you are considering using Trespa Pura sidings for an entire façade, or as a featured accent cladding, choose from their enhanced color offerings of 8 wood decors and eight solid colors for a great design scheme. Trespa Pura is a durable cladding option that lasts beautifully with low maintenance.

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