Wood Sidings Help Connect Architectural Designs to Nature

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With all the glass, metal, concrete and stucco in modern design, many architects and designers struggle to connect their designs to nature. Using natural building materials is a great way to bridge the gap between the natural and built environment. For exteriors, using natural wood cladding is a wonderful design option. The warmth and beauty of wood siding has an undeniable appeal. 

Svigals_Sandy_Hook_rainscreen_designSvigals + Partners used natural stone and rainscreen hardwood siding on their design of the new Sandy Hook School 

Wood siding is often used as a design feature with other materials (like stone and stucco). Wood may also be used as 'the star of the show'. Regardless of the amount of wood siding you incorporate into your design, wood creates a warmer and more inviting appeal to your building facade. 

Garapa rain screen installation nearing completionRoger Ferris + Partners chose Garapa hardwood rain screen for the entire wall and roof on this residence

There are natural softwood and hardwood sidings to select from. You may paint or stain softwood sidings such as cedar, cypress  and redwood to meet your design goals. When left unfinished, softwood siding will not last as long as hardwoods. So, to achieve longer life cycles, softwood siding must be repainted or refinished as needed. 

Cedar siding with Climate-Shield rain screen systemRed Cedar rain screen siding with semi transparent stain on coast

High density hardwood sidings like Ipe, Garapa, Machiche, Cumaru, Santa Maria and others are naturally beautiful. They are also highly durable and weather resistant and are frequently specified in wood rain screen designs. You may choose to allow these hardwood  claddings to fade naturally into a weathered silvery-gray patina. If maintaining the “like new” wood look is the long-term goal ,these long-lasting claddings may also be refinished as desired   For more information, download the free "How Hardwoods Weather" Guidebook here.

Trespa Pura NFC siding -Tropical Ipe wood decorTrespa Pura NFC Siding- "Tropical Ipe" wood decors offers the look of wood with minimal maintenance

For the look of real wood siding, with virtually no maintenance, there are other choices available. Trespa Pura NFC® Sidings provide another cladding option, particularly their ‘wood décor’ offerings.  The wood décor line features eight different color-fast design options. Trespa Pura wood decors offer the look of real wood siding in a low-maintenance that never needs refinishing. 

Trespa Pura is a high-pressure laminate cladding using a natural fiber core (NFC) with an extremely weather resistant outer layer. Trespa Pura siding is also available in their Uni Color collection, featuring eight monochromatic decors for accents and features. 

Whether you are designing with wood or other cladding materials, we hope this article was helpful. Please visit MataverdeDecking.com to learn more about hardwood siding options, rain screen design, Trespa Pura sidings and more. 

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