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 Climate-Shield Professional Installer Program Goals

The Climate-Shield Rain Screen System has proven to be the most beautiful, effective and comprehensive wood rain screen siding system available on the market. Many of our clients are looking for trust-worthy, qualified contractors to provide reliable installation of rain screens for their homes and buildings…and we are, too.

Our goal is to delight each of our clients with high quality, long-lasting building materials and exceptional service. Are you a high quality professional contractor? Is satisfying each of your clients with exceptional service a goal of yours? Are you experienced? Are you licensed and insured? If you share our vision and values, we would welcome considering you to become a member of our Climate-Shield Professional Installer Program.



Climate-Shield Professional Installer Program Benefits

  • Provide your clients with the highest quality rain screen system available
  • Receive referrals based on leads and your membership standing in your market area
  • Provide a wider range of services to your clients
  • Build beautiful projects that get your company noticed
  • Have your projects displayed on our website
  • Differentiate yourself from your competitors



Climate-Shield Professional Installer Program Requirements

  • Must be a reliable and experienced professional Contractor
  • If required, you must be licensed in your state(s) of operation
  • Must be fully insured as required
  • Must follow all the terms and conditions of the Climate-Shield Professional Installer Program 



Enroll in the Climate-Shield Professional Installer Program


STEP 1. Watch the Rain Screen Installation Video.  

Check out the Climate-Shield Installation Video. Watch this 11 minute rain screen installation video and see how straightforward and effective it is to install this rain screen system. If this is a system you would like to install, after you have watched the video, we encourage you to learn more about it. A great next step would be to review Rain Screen Guide (see below). 

STEP 2. Download the Ultimate Guide to Rain Screen Siding  

Please read this fact-filled booklet and learn all you can about wood rain screen ssytems. This easy-to-read primer on rain screen systems includes valuable information about rain screens, installation techniques, wood siding species options and some great photos of actual rain screen projects from all over the US. Please feel free to save this free E-Book for future reference. CLICK HERE for instructions to download this valuable tool.

STEP 3.  Take the short installation test

After you have watched the rain screen installation video and read the "Ulimate Guide", you should be ready to take a short installation test. (All the answers to this test are explained in the Ultimate Guide). Click on the blue "Take the Climate-Shield Professional Installer Test" icon to take this short test.

STEP 4. Fill out the Professional Installer Registration Form

Are you ready to move forward and become a member of the Climate-Shield Professional Installer Program? If so, CLICK HERE to complete the Climate-Shield Professional Installer Registration Form.


Thank you.  We look forward to working with you as a member of this program.




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Climate-Shield Professional Installer Program

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