Cumaru Rain Screen Siding is a high-density, sustainably-harvested hardwood species that is native to South America. This warm and rich hardwood is highly sought after, and is known, for its longevity and immense strength. Cumaru hardwood looks similar to red oak but has lots of exotic tropical grain and color variations. 


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  • Cumaru hardwood rooftop deck and siding in New Jersey
  • Cumaru rain screen with Z-Girts installation
  • Cumaru vertical rainscreen siding
  • Cumaru wood siding with Climate-Shield aluminum outside corner
  • Red Cumaru vertical rainscreen siding
  • Cumaru rain screen vertical installation in New York
  • Cumaru rain screen siding and deck
  • Cumaru rainscreen siding and soffits
  • Cumaru rainscreen installation with wood trim at window
  • Cumaru siding with Climate-Shield rainscreen system and wood outside corner
  • Cumaru hardwood rain screen on residence in Queens, NY
  • Cumaru hardwood rain screen siding
  • Cumaru rainscreen wood siding
  • Cumaru hardwood siding, decking and soffits
  • Cumaru siding rainscreen
  • Cumaru hardwood rainscreen siding in Rhode Island


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