Kebony® Wood Siding is a beautiful and eco-friendly modified wood siding option that works great with the Climate-Shield® Rain Screen System™. Kebony® technology takes softwood lumber and creates a real wood product that is as durable as high density hardwoods.  

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  • Camber sands UK kebony siding.jpg
  • Kebony siding - garage remodeled into library.jpg
  • kebony siding and roofing Camber Sands Beach Houses UK.jpg
  • Kebony siding in Norway.jpg
  • Kebony siding installed vertically on Waldorf School in Fredrikstad Norway.jpg
  • Kebony siding Jonathan Kuhn Architect Washington DC.jpg
  • Kebony siding Logg Architects Norway.jpg
  • Kebony siding Logg Architects Oslo Norway.jpg
  • kebony siding.png
  • Kebony soffits Isle of Wight UK.jpg
  • kebony vertical siding and roofing.jpg
  • kebony vertical siding Livereds Chapel Sweden Malmstrom Edstrom Architect closeup.jpg
  • kebony siding at Livereds Chapel Sweden Malmstrom Edstrom Architect kebony siding.jpg
  • kebony siding passive-house-in Norway KONTUR arkitektur.jpg
  • Villa Circuitus kebony siding photo by Lars-Ake Rapp.jpg
  • Villa Circuitus passivhaus kebony siding photo by Tommy Durath (2).jpg


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