Big Rooftop Deck Ideas for Small Spaces

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Rooftop decks don’t have to be big to be fun and beautiful. With smaller spaces, though, you’ll want to make sure you plan your deck layout so it will work best for you. With smaller rooftop deck designs, form should follow function. Make every square foot, and cubic foot, of your rooftop deck space count.


This urban Ipe hardwood rooftop deck takes full advantage of all the space and city views


Rooftop Deck Design

Thinking about a rooftop deck? The first things you’ll want to ask yourself is what you plan to use your rooftop deck for and how many different functions are important to you. Will your rooftop deck be used mostly for reading and relaxation? If so, think about what type of outdoor furniture and how you will arrange it. Will you entertain outdoors? Think about how you will arrange your seating areas to create a cozy space.  What about dining al fresco? Do you need privacy? Think about built-in planters or privacy walls.

Mataverde Ipe Decking and Eurotec frame system in Southern California (1)

Ipe hardwood rooftop deck with seating and gas patio heater


If you approach your rooftop deck design the same way a boat builder approaches their design, you may come up with some clever ways to utilize all your space more efficiently. On boats, space is limited. So when boat builders design the cabin spaces, they take advantage of every square foot and cubic foot of space into consideration. Perhaps you could build in some benches on one side and place a table with chairs across from it. Need storage? Maybe plan for some storage space under the benches. Do you have a great view? Consider how you will want to lay out your deck to take advantage of the scenery.


FSC Certified Machiche hardwood rooftop deck with hardwood table, cozy seating and great views


Rooftop Deck Ideas

There are lots of options for the size, shape, and function of your deck. There also lots of ways to add various add-ons or built-ins to your design. Built-in planters, privacy walls and benches are popular options. By building them into your design, you don’t have to worry about replacing furniture moving forward.


Garapa hardwood decking with built in planters, benches, and storage. Freestanding movable planters, too 

Other popular options are add-ons, such as outdoor furniture, movable planters, gas heaters and more. The advantage of add-ons, rather than built-ins, is that you can change your layout easily as your needs and usage of the space change over time.

Need some inspiration for your rooftop deck?

Download the Rooftop Deck Design Ideas Portfolio now.


Rooftop Deck Material Options

Your choice of a rooftop decking material is an important one. It’s the part of the deck you’ll see when it’s all built, so you’ll want it to look good. But your rooftop decking material needs to perform well, too. A rooftop is a punishing environment for decking. It pays to look at the performance of various decking materials before deciding.

Metal decking is long lasting and will take the weather well, but boy does it get hot in the direct sun. Plastic decking is another rooftop deck material option that will take the weather, but again, when they get hot it can burn bare feet. Some wood decking species look and work well on rooftop decks while others do not.

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High density hardwood decking can take all the punishment nature can throw its way, even on a rooftop deck. That’s why hardwood decking species like Ipe, Garapa, Machiche and others work so well. These high-performance natural wood decking materials can take the punishing weather extremes of a rooftop deck. And they look naturally beautiful for years and years.

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Rooftop Deck on your home?

So, if you’d like to add a rooftop deck for your home, think about the benefits. A rooftop deck adds enjoyment for all, expands the size of your living area to the outdoors. Enjoy your rooftop deck while you live there. A rooftop deck also makes your home easier to sell and adds value when you are ready to sell your home.

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