Climate-Shield® Rain Screen Wood Siding System


Would you like to experience the beauty of real wood siding firsthand? We are delighted to offer you the opportunity to receive up to three samples of Mataverde® rainscreen siding, along with a firsthand view of the Climate-Shield System, delivered right to your door within three business days.*

Helpful tips about wood siding samples:

  • Wood is a natural product and will exhibit a wide range of color and grain variations from piece to piece.
  • High-density hardwood species especially will show a lot more spectacular variation of color and grain variations than most softwood siding species.
  • A sample piece will help give you a general feel of the color, grain, and texture of the wood siding.
  • Please visit our Wood Siding Galleries for a better idea of "the whole picture" of what these beautiful wood siding species will look like on an actual project.

    * Sample requests from outside of the US or Canada will incur shipping and handling charges. Please contact Mataverde at 860-444-7524 for additional information.