11 Wood Siding Ideas to Transform Your Home

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What are you looking for in wood siding? Looks? Durability? Long-lasting? Premium hardwoods and thermally modified woods create stunning exteriors and might be exactly what you are looking for. Inherently beautiful, highly durable, and low maintenance, all without using chemical pre-treatment.

When used with a rainscreen system you get added benefits of a healthier home and more design options. Get more information on options plus 11 home siding design ideas that take your home from nice to WOW!


Mataverde thermowood siding can be used indoors and outdoorsIt’s not your Grandma’s paneling. Interior and three-season rooms can shine with wood siding, too! Read on for more design details.

Siding the exterior of your home is a big decision. It’s the first thing neighbors and visitors see when looking at your home. What does your siding say about you? If you want long-lasting curb appeal natural wood siding is a simple choice, when you have the right materials.

Hardwood and thermally modified wood cladding are the perfect choice for transformative beauty, with natural color ranges and graining patterns. Staining them to meet your design scheme is an option. Damage resistance and graceful aging is naturally included, meaning low upkeep.


Choose a traditional siding installation or opt for a Climate-Shield® Rainscreen system. A well-designed rainscreen is made to “breathe”, creating a natural system that moisture can escape. It also gives you vertical and horizontal design options. The choice is yours. 

 Garapa rain screen siding installationThe Climate-Shield® Rainscreen System used with natural wood ensures a home exterior that can “breathe” and creates a healthier home environment by eliminating trapped moisture which leads to mold.

Looking for more information? Get your free copy of the Ultimate Guide to Rainscreen siding now.

Mataverde® Premium Ipe Hardwood Siding

Ipe hardwood is so naturally resistant to fungi, decay, and termites that it is the species that all other wood siding material is compared to. Mataverde® offers sustainable tropical Ipe, shown here on a contemporary ranch home with a wood rainscreen and pergola over the deck.

With a full spectrum of colors ranging from tans to olive browns, to reddish to dark browns, staining Ipe is optional. If you do choose to stain, the exotic character in the tropical graining shows through and adds to your design.

 Ipe rainscreen and pergola over the deck on a residential home.

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In Cambridge, Massachusetts, this home has horizontal rainscreen to wrap the exterior in warm, real wood with gray stain. High-density hardwood siding, like Ipe, can be harder to stain, so the right product should be used.

This modern residence used pre-finished Ipe with Seal Once gray semi-transparent tint. The gray finish gives this home that “instantly aged” look that can be maintained as needed, or allowed to wear off over time and age to Ipe’s natural silver patina instead.

Ipe rain screen siding Seal Once cape Cod gray finish


Mataverde® Premium Garapa Hardwood Siding

This modern twist on a barn-inspired home is a showstopper! The custom design on this estate in the Hamptons, New York incorporated Garapa hardwood’s natural light golden-brown tones. Garapa wraps all the way around the buildings and over the roof! The natural wood look can be easily maintained with a UV protectant sealer as needed (we like and use Penofin Hardwood Formula Penetrating Oil Finish). Or, again, can be allowed to age to a natural silvery gray patina requiring little maintenance.


Custom Garapa Rain Screen Siding and Roofing on Long Island, New York

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Want to know how your hardwood choice will look as it naturally silvers over time? We put together a guide for you!

A New England home mixes traditional with contemporary. Rainscreen systems give you design options like installing wood siding vertically. Seal Once Gray was chosen here for pre-finishing of the Garapa siding. This coordinates beautifully with the gray stone and roof, giving visual interest through mix of textures. Garapa is the lowest cost premium hardwood  material, making it a more affordable alternative while still having similar benefits to Ipe.

Garapa siding architectural rainsceen cladding design in New Englan

Mataverde Premium FSC® Certified Machiche Hardwood Siding

Machiche wood siding is a stunning contrast to the cool, white stucco shown here. Natural wood siding is a popular choice for mixing with stucco and stone since it warms up the feel of the exterior and balances any industrial look. Here the long, clean lines of Machiche in reddish brown tones are designed to enhance the architectural details. 

Machiche Cladding on a Modern Home

Machiche wood siding is a stunning contrast to the cool, white stucco shown here. Natural wood siding is a popular choice for mixing with stucco and stone since it warms up the feel of the exterior and balances any industrial look. Here the long, clean lines of Machiche in reddish brown tones are designed to enhance the architectural details. 

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Machiche rainscreen in San Francisco

Wood siding can also be usd as a custom architectural detail to your entryway. On a city block of traditional San Francisco, California shingled townhouses, a Machiche stairwell stands out as a creative and impressive "welcome home".

Mataverde® Premium Cumaru Hardwood Siding

Cumaru hardwood siding colors range from a dark chocolate-y brown to a light reddish brown and many shades in between. This home has taken advantage of that variation and put them on full display. This installation was accomplished by using random length planks to mix and match, giving this home a spectacular modern rustic look. If you want this look for your project, our team is here to help you with the material choices and installation plan to achieve it.


Cumaru siding rainscreen in random lengths

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Extend your natural wood exterior to your deck and soffits. Like the siding, the overhang soffit, deck, even the pillars and railings are all made with matching Cumaru in natural tones. This rooftop deck lets you enjoy the distant view of the city skyline in quiet comfort.

Cumaru siding, soffits and rooftop deck


Mataverde® Premium Thermally Modified Wood Siding

Terracotta roof tiles, stucco walls, and a stone turret  are wrapped with thermally modified wood siding in Ash on this home that is definitely their castle. ThermoWood withstand the elements, is more affordably priced, and softens the architectural details and sharp corners of the home

Mataverde novathermowood ash cladding on residence-1

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Thermowood makes the mid-century mod vibes stand out in a 3-season room meant to bring the outdoors in. Adding wood siding to the walls, ceiling, and even an indoor deck for seating helps it meld into the exterior of the home  through a wall of windows for a consistent exterior view. This project used Thermowood, a more budget friendly choice than premium hardwoods to create this space. This avoids the shorter lifetime use of chemically treated softwoods and traditional paneling. Open up those windows and let the breeze in!

Mataverde thermowood siding can be used indoors and outdoors


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