Are you looking for inspiration for your next decking project? Our photo gallery is full of stunning images that capture the beauty and sophistication of Mataverde's premium hardwood decking solutions. Whether your project is commercial, residential or public, Mataverde Decking is the ideal material for exterior applications such as decks, walkways, pergolas, boardwalks and more. Choose from beautiful all-natural hardwood decking species such as Ipe, Cumaru, Garapa, Machiche and more. Let the pictures help you decide which style and species is right for you.

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  • ipe deck ocean house
  • ipe deck ocean house
  • ipe rooftop planters
  • Ipe rooftop deck in NYC
  • Garapa deck in the Maine woods
  • Ipe deck and traditional railing - decking photo gallery
  • Eurotec rooftop deck
  • Ipe deck in malibu California
  • Machiche decking, soffit and siding in Texas
  • Cumaru poolside deck
  • Ipe hardwood pergola in New York
  • Ipe deck, railing and built-in benches
  • Ipe deck and custom architectural railings
  • Ipe deck with Garapa trim
  • Ipe deck and steps in Connecticut
  • Ipe deck, dock, railing and stairs by the water
  • Ipe rooftop deck and steps
  • Garap decking by the lake
  • Garapa deck in Westchester County, NY
  • Machiche deck in California
  • Ipe poolside deck
  • cumaru deck and built-in benches in Florida
  • ipe deck with harbor view
  • cumaru_decking_and_cumaru_railings_at_esplanade_in_nyc_-_pier_15.jpg



Which decking material is right for your project?

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