Hardwood Decking Boards are the Best Option

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There is a lot to consider when choosing decking boards to complete your deck project. Should I choose synthetic decking boards? What about Ipe decking? How long will composite decking boards last? There are so many decking board options to choose from it can become a little overwhelming at times. You may want to do yourself a huge favor - do some homework before making your final decision.

Before selecting your decking material, the best way to choose the right Ipe decking boards are long lasting and naturally beautifuldecking boards for you is to make a list of what you think the most important considerations will be once your decking project is complete.  For example, if initial decking board price was the only thing that mattered to you, your decision would be simple - you would use the lowest grade of pressure treated lumber available because it has the lowest up-front decking board cost. If longevity and strength were your only consideration - everyone would have an Ipe deck.

Personal decisions about decking boards are rarely based on just one consideration, however. Different people have different needs and expectations for their decking project; some people want their decking to last for many years, others want all natural decking materials, still others want low maintenance.


Q: What are the cheapest decking boards (initial price)?

A: Pressure treated decking and knotty cedar

Q: What are the longest lasting decking boards?

A: Ipe and other high density hardwood decking materials

Q: Are any decking boards truly "maintenance free"?

A: Absolutely not. ALL decking materials must be cleaned to remove mold, mildew, dirt and detritus. This should be done at least once every year, regardless of your decking material.

Q: Do synthetic decking boards hold up well?

A: So far, the answer is a resounding, "No". There has been a wide variety of lawsuits, product recalls and significant product failures with a whole range of synthetic and composite decking materials. It pays to do your homework here.

Q: What decking boards have the lowest life cycle costs?

A: Studies have shown that all-natural high density hardwood decking boards like Ipe, Cumaru, Garapa and Machiche have the lowest overall lifetime costs.

There are a multitude of other factors you may want to consider before making your final decision on what decking boards work best for you and your deck project. For a comprehensive FREE guidebook, please download, "The Ultimate Guide to Selecting The Right Decking Material".





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