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Mataverde thermally modified wood siding is a unique wood cladding product with exceptional stability.  Mataverde Thermowood is real wood siding material that has been embraced by architects and designers worldwide. Thermally modified wood siding helps create and enhance beautiful and enduring project designs from the Arctic Circle to Africa, and far beyond. Thermally modified wood is a sustainable, natural wood cladding solution for rainscreen siding and other outdoor projects.

Why Use Mataverde Thermally Modified Wood Rain Screen Cladding and Siding?

Mataverde Thermally Modified wood siding is an exceptionally strong, durable and highly stable wood cladding option available for rainscreen siding designs and installations.  Mataverde thermowood rainscreen siding is a thermally modified wood siding material that performs exceptionally well both indoors and outdoors. 
  • Exceptionally stable (minimal expansion and contraction)
  • Insect and rot resistant
  • Very durable
  • Sustainably harvested
  • Naturally beautiful

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Featured thermowood siding can be used indoors and outdoors

Mataverde thermally modified Ash wood cladding, installed horizontally on walls and ceiling


Mataverde Thermally modified wood siding is gorgeous. Thermowood makes an impressive and long lasting rainscreen cladding material. The beautiful chocolaty brown tones of thermally modified wood siding add an embracing allure to a façade. The exceptional stability of Mataverde thermally modified wood cladding makes it a great fit for siding and rainscreen system installations.  To view siding project photos, check out the Thermally Modified Wood Rainscreen Gallery.


Care and Maintenance of Mataverde Thermowood Cladding

Mataverde thermally modified wood siding is a low maintenance, real wood cladding material.  As a result of thermowood technology, Mataverde Thermowood looks and acts much like other hardwood siding materials. Mataverde Thermowood is sustainably harvested, non-toxic and safe to the environment and humans.

Mataverde thermowood siding requires no maintenance beyond normal cleaning. Thermally modified cladding is easy to care for and there are appearance options, including oil finishes and a low maintenance option, where you can allow your deck to weather to a gray driftwood look.

Thermally modified siding is real wood, but it performs so well, it can be finished or allowed to weather. Thermowood rainscreen wood siding has a rich natural brown beauty that can be enhanced with a natural oil finish (like Penofin) or it can be allowed to "weather out" to a natural silvery patina. 

Whether you prefer to maintain the 'like new' wood look, or the silvery look, the choice is yours.  For more information about your finish options, DOWNLOAD "HOW WOODS WEATHER GUIDE"

Additional ThermoWood Technical Information

For more information about the Thermowood process and scientific testing, download your choices here:

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