Mataverde Garapa decking is a sustainable high-density material that looks great and will last a long time thanks to its all-natural durability. Garapa decking has a beautiful golden honey blonde color that darkens with age, or if left to weather naturally, will gradually develop a silvery gray patina.

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Garapa decking is a handsome and affordable exterior building material that is well suited for numerous projects. We've offered some photos below to show you its many stunning uses. 

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  • Garapa rooftop decking, benches and planters photo by Sergey Raikin
  • Garapa lakefront deck in Maine
  • Brighton Common garapa pergola and benches
  • Garapa pergola and trellis in Boston neighborhood
  • Garapa deck with cable rail
  • beautiful Garapa deck in Connecticut
  • Garapa pergola and hardwood deck and benches in MA
  • Garapa rooftop deck and benches- Organic Gardener NYC
  • garapa stairs and deck in New York
  • garapa deck in upstate NY
  • Garapa Boardwalk Ortley Beach in New Jersy
  • Ipe_and_Garapa_deck_is_great_for_dining,_relaxing_and_entertaining-resized-600.jpg
  • Beautiful Garapa decking and railing in coastal NJ
  • Mataverde Garapa deck in New England
  • garapa_deck_with_garapa_stairs
  • Garapa_Decking_weathering_to_a_silvery_patina_on_a_dock_in_Rhode_Island
  • Garapa hardwood deck in Connecticut
  • Garapa decking face screwed for best fastening
  • Garapa hardwood backyard deck
  • Garapa decking, railing, post caps in Philadelphiasiding at Lasalle University
  • Garapa deck at night
  • Garapa rooftop deck in NYC
  • Garapa wood deck railing and planters
  • Garapa decking and garapa rainscreen