Ipe Wood Deck weathered to a natural silvery satin gray patina


When you first install hardwood decking, many of our clients want to pre-finish their decking and keep the 'like new' wood like. Others prefer the natural silver gray "seaside' appearance. Want to know what your hardwood decking will look like if you choose the low maintenance decking option? Check out this photo gallery to see how Mataverde Premium Hardwood Decking will weather over time and with exposure to the elements. As you can see, our hardwood decking species typically develop a lovely silvery gray patina as they weather over time. 

Most softwood decking options, like cedar decking, pressure treated pine decking, fir decking and other softwoods really need to be refinished and re-sealed on a regular basis.  If you don't regularly refinish, repaint, reseal or re-stain softwood decking they will age quickly and show signs of rot, decay or degradation.  Naturally weathered hardwood decking is the original low maintenance decking option.  Hardwood decking ages gracefully and still maintains a high level of performance.