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From the Trespa® Quality R&D Laboratory

The Quality R&D Scientists at Trespa International's "Next Materials House" demonstrate some of the rigorous testing applied to Trespa® siding panels ensuring the high quality of the products can be met in terms of longevity, cleanability, color stability and resistance to various extreme conditions.

The tests focus on Pura NFC® Trespa® cladding material chemical resistance, resistance to extreme weather conditions and UV light exposure, mechanical strength, resistance to fixing, scratching and impact, and dimensional stability of the Trespa® panels.




Check out the short Trespa Quality videos below to learn why Trespa Pura NFC siding is a

high quality cladding material you can rely on. 

Test #1 - Artificial Weathering

This test subjects Trespa panels to extreme UV exposure, and other punishing weather conditions.



Test #3 - Resistance to Fixing

This test measures Trespa's resistance to splitting and fastening.

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Test #5 - Resistance to Scratching

This test ascertains how well Trespa panels perform when scratched by a diamond tip.

Test #7 - Dimensional Stability at Elevated Temperatures

Trespa panels are subjected to a range of high humidity levels at very high temperatures to mimic various climates to test its dimensional stability.

Test #9 - Appearance Test

This test makes certain that every Trespa panel will perform as well as expected and designed.

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Test #2 - Resistance to Sulphur Dioxide

Measures the effects of harsh pollutants and acid rain on Trespa panels. 



Test #4 - Mechanical Strength

This test measures the tensile strength and flexibility of Trespa panels.

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Test #6 - Impact Resistance by Large Diameter Ball

This test mimics how well Trespa panels withstand damage from hail, sleet and branches.

Test #8 - Lightfastness Xenon ARC

Measures the color fastness of Trespa panels with extreme UV, equivalent to 10 years exposure to the Florida sun.

Test #10 - Chemical Resistance

This test measures how well Trespa panels will perform against a wide spectrum of harsh chemicals.

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