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The Climate-Shield® CS10 Specialty Rain Screen Clip™

Climate-Shield Rain Screen Wood Siding System

    The Climate-Shield CS10 specialty rain screen clip is a great fastening option for most soffit and ceiling applications. For select applications, the CS10 clip may also be used as a "low clearance" rain screen siding fastener.

Climate-Shield CS10 Specialty Rain Screen Clip 

What is the Climate-Shield CS10 Specialty Rain Screen Clip?

The patented Climate-Shield CS10 specialty rain screen clip is a marine grade aluminum hidden fastener, ideal for specialty rain screen projects of many types. If you have a new home, addition, exterior remodel, or are planning to put new siding on your structure, the Climate-Shield CS10 specialty clip is a great option to consider. 

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The CS10 rain screen clip installs quickly, with one screw, and creates a long-lasting secure fastening over plywood or OSB exterior sheathing – without the need for furring strips.  It has a single hole, lighter gauge aluminum and lower profile. Depending on your project requirements, the CS10 specialty rain screen clip may be a good choice for your design. See if this specialty clip meets your project needs below.

What will the Climate-Shield CS10 specialty rain screen clip do?

  • Creates a 10 mm (about 3/8”) rain screen gap (wall cavity) behind the wood siding or soffit that allows your home or building to ‘breathe’ better
  • The patented rain screen design eliminates the need for wood furring strips, creating a better functioning rain screen and lower cost installation
  • Provides a beautiful and long-lasting natural wood façade for soffits and appropriate rain screen siding applications
  • Provides a lower profile for your siding – works great with most existing window and door trims without the need to add more trim

What type of projects is the Climate-Shield CS10 rain screen clip best suited for?

The CS10 rain screen specialty clip works great on many structures that use plywood or OSB sheathing including:


  • Any rainscreen or soffit project that is not in hurricane or seismic zones with wind loads over 160 MPH or seismic equivalent requirements
  • Project designs where a 3/8" rain screen gap is adequate for ventilation




Download CS10 Rainscreen Clip Submittal Sheet

Download CS10SRH8 Horizontal Starter Rail Submittal Sheet

What are the limitations of the CS10 rain screen clip?


Where should I use the Climate-Shield CS2 rain screen clip system?

The Climate-Shield CS2 rain screen system features the CS2 rain screen clip and is ideal for most all residential and commercial wall assemblies for homes and buildings including:

  • Plywood/OSB walls (residential or commercial)
  • Masonry walls
  • Exterior gypsum wall assemblies
  • Z-Girt wall assemblies, including exterior insulation
  • Wall assemblies requiring a more robust seismic and wind load resistance. (CS2 system assembly exceeds 200 MPH wind resistance at 16” on center clip spacing)
  • Projects requiring a full 3/4" rain screen gap (wall cavity) behind the siding or soffit

Compare Climate-Shield CS10 Specialty Clip to CS2 Rain Screen Clip

Similarities of the Climate-Shield CS10 Specialty Clip and CS2 Clip:

Both the Climate-Shield CS10 and the heavier CS2 Rain Screen Clips offer the following benefits:

  • No wood furring strips required
  • Ideal for installing over plywood and OSB exterior sheathing
  • Clips can fasten anywhere on the face of the sheathing (does not have to be over a stud)
  • Can utilize full lengths of wood siding boards
  • Create an ideal open-joint, back-ventilated and pressure equalized rain screen
  • Work well for soffit installations


Differences between the Climate-Shield CS10 Specialty Clip and CS2 Clip:

See the comparison chart for CS10 Specialty Clip versus CS2 Rain Screen Clip

Climate Shield CS10 Specialty Rain Screen Clip versus CS Rain Screen Clip Comparison Chart.jpg