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What is Mataverde Thermally Modified Wood?

Mataverde thermally modified wood starts out as a standard kiln dried wood species. Then, with the help of various different scientific heating and steaming processes, the original wood is transformed into thermally modified wood.  The thermal modification process makes the wood far more stable and it performs much better than the original wood species.  The thermal modification process 'cooks' the sugars out of the wood. Without the sugars, the food source for mould and insects is gone.  This makes thermally modified far more insect resistant and rot resistant than the original wood. 
Thermowood decking on rooftop
Mataverde thermally modified wood decking

Why use Mataverde thermally modified wood? 

  • STABILITY - Thermally modified decking is more stable. This means there is far less less wood movement throughout the lifetime of the wood.  All woods expand when wetter, and shrink when drier. Thermally modified wood shrinks less when dry and expands less when wet.
  • DURABILITY - Thermally modifying wood changes the wood at a cellular level. Thermally modified wood becomes more resistant to rot and less desirable to insect infestation. So they last far longer than non-modified woods of the same species.
  • LOCAL - Thermal modification transforms several North American wood species and allows them to perform as well as many tropical hardwood species.
  • NATURAL - The best thermal modification processes use only natural methods, like heat and steam, to create a high-performance exterior decking product. A better product is created, without the need to add any chemicals or toxins.
Thermal modification is a precise scientific process, using natural means, like heat, steam, and pressure to create a higher performance natural wood material - without adding any chemicals or toxins. The result of thermal modification is that many hardwoods and softwoods can be made to perform much like high density hardwoods.

The Best Thermally Modified Wood Processes

There are many different thermal modification processes (and different wood species) that have been tested over the past few decades.  Not all thermally modified wood processes perform the same. We have researched and tested nearly all of the different thermally modified wood processing options.  The two thermally modified wood processes we have found, that perform the best, are ThermoWood and ThermaWood. 
Although the processes are slightly different, they both enhance the quality of the original wood to create high performance thermally modified wood decking.  Mataverde thermally modified wood options offer the best performance for individual wood species. Learn more below.


ThermoWood Process

The ThermoWood process was developed in Finland over thirty years ago. Through scientific testing and continuous process improvement over the past few decades, this method of thermally modifying wood has been refined and improved. The ThermoWood process works exceptionally well with hardwoods, using only heat and steam. No chemicals or toxins are used in the process or in the wood decking. 

The result is a world class thermally modified wood decking product that you can depend on. There is nothing artificial about it. All natural. 100% Real wood.


Mataverde thermowood deck at pool area

Mataverde ThermoWood Ash Hardwood Decking

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For more information about the ThermoWood process and scientific testing, download your choices here:

Therma Wood Process

The Therma Wood process built on the early work, and the successes, of the Finnish (ThermoWood) method. The Therma Wood process creates an excellent exterior wood decking product using a similar, but unique, process for thermally modifying softwoods for high performance. This process utilizes a Danish autoclave 'vacuum' kiln using high temperatures, steam, and pressure. 
The chief benefits of this thermal modification method are that the process uses less energy than other systems.  And, because the wood in the Therma Wood process is thermally modified under pressure, the wood is less likely to crack, split or check.  And that means less waste on the job site. The Therma Wood process use no chemicals or toxins to create fine wood products that perform exceptionally well outdoors.
Mataverde Therma Wood Hemlock decking works great in all climates
Mataverde Therma Wood Hemlock (Hem-Fir) Decking





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