"For architects, landscape architects, green roof specialists and other design professionals planning a rooftop deck project, the Mataverde® Eurotec® Deck System is a great rooftop deck design option to consider." 


With the increase of urban infill project designs and the revitalization of many urban areas, rooftop decks have rapidly become the “go-to” spot in cities for both residential homes, apartments, condos, offices, commercial businesses and more. High above the street level noise and hustle and bustle, an aerie can be created for peaceful enjoyment and relaxation. The added benefit of picturesque and panoramic views make the planned use of these spaces a treasure trove for design professionals.

The Mataverde Eurotec Rooftop Deck System combines European deck framing technology with the natural look and performance of durable hardwood decking. This unique system allows you to use full length decking boards in your rooftop deck designs. This creates a harmonious balance of form and function, strength and precision, durability and inherent beauty. The system is often used on rooftop decks, balconies and over patios to create stunning designs that incorporate the natural look and feel of real wood decking.

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How the Eurotec Rooftop Deck System Works




The Eurotec Aluminum System profile acts as a joist and is vastly superior to wood framing in many respects:

  • Lightweight 

  • Non-combustible

  • Straight, true

  • Will not warp, split, check or crack

  • Now available in black finish for low visibility

Eurotec Aluminum System Profile - Black.jpg

Eurotec Nivello with adjustable pedestalEurotec Adjustable Profi-Line Pedestals allow various height adjustments to design a perfectly level deck on any area that may have varying pitches and elevations. Measured from the top of the roof surface to the top of the decking, the typical adjustable range for the system (including pedestals, aluminum system profile and 5/4 nominal thickness decking) is from a low of 3-3/4” to a high of 17”. Additional adjustable heights can also be achieved with alternative components. Contact our technical/design team for additional information.

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What Type of Decking Works Best For Rooftop Deck Designs?


Because rooftop decks are typically exposed to the harshest environmental factors imaginable, (full UV exposure, winds, rain, snow, heat, low-ventilation and low clearance conditions), a long-lasting, durable, high performance decking is required for best looks and satisfaction. Mataverde offers several premium hardwood decking species and sizes to suit your design and project budget requirements. In general, thicker deck boards (5/4 nominal) should be used in this environment. Narrower boards (4” nominal) are also preferable because they provide more ventilation.

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Hardwood Decking Options for Rooftop Deck Designs


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Tired of designing with square deck tiles?  Prefer to use full length deck boards? Like the look and performance of natural hardwood decking? Choose Mataverde Premium Hardwood Decking for your your rooftop deck design.

ipe_decking.jpgIpe Hardwood decking is often considered the best and longest lasting high-density hardwood decking available.  Ipe ranges from lighter brown to darker brown and olive-brown tones and has a wide range of spectacular figuring and grain variations.

Please visit our Ipe deck gallery to see a full range of typical grain and color variations.



cumaru_decking.jpgCumaru hardwood decking is an excellent rooftop deck design option. Cumaru is slightly coarser grained than Ipe and has reddish brown appearance and a variety of color and grain variations.

Please visit our Cumaru deck gallery to see a full range of typical grain and color variations.



FSC_Machiche_decking.jpgFSC® Certified Machiche hardwood decking is a fine option for rooftop deck designs. Machiche has medium-coarse graining, a chocolaty brown appearance and, like most tropical hardwoods, a wide range of exciting grain variations.

Please visit our Machiche deck gallery to see a full range of usual color and graining variations.



garapa_decking.jpgGarapa hardwood decking is another suitable option for deck designs and has a golden yellow to amber brown color range. Garapa has a more limited grain range than most high-density hardwoods and is a budget friendly decking option that will stand the test of time.

Please visit our Garapa deck gallery to see a full range of usual color and grain variations.




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