Beautiful rooftop decks to inspire ideas for your home, building or structure. Mataverde® premium hardwood rooftop decking is naturally durable, long lasting and looks great on decks of all types. Mataverde hardwood decking can handle the punishing environment of a rooftop deck elegantly.


Please select Mataverde Rooftop Decking Gallery photos below to enlarge.

  • Mataverde Ipe Deck by City Beautiful
  • Ipe Rooftop Deck and Planters in New York City
  • Ipe Rooftop Deck Planters
  • Ipe Rooftop Deck and walkway in NYC
  • Ipe Rooftop Deck and Pergola in Brooklyn NY
  • Ipe hardwood stairs on Rooftop Deck
  • Beautiful Ipe Planter on Rooftop Deck
  • Ipe rooftop deck at beach club on the sound
  • Ipe deck on commercial rooftop
  • Ipe rooftop deck in Boston, MA
  • Ipe deck 42 stories over NYC
  • Ipe rooftop deck in Mill Valley California
  • Garapa rooftop deck - Organic Gardener NYC
  • Eurotec deck system with hardwood decking
  • Ipe hardwood rooftop deck - Organic Gardener NYC
  • Ipe_rooftop_deck_in_New_York_-_copyrighted.jpg
  • Organic_Gardener_NYC_-_Garapa_deck_on_rooftop.jpg
  • Stylish_Ipe_rooftop_deck_and_table-_Organic_Gardener.png
  • rooftop_ipe_deck_installation.jpg
  • Ipe rooftop deck.jpg
  • Ipe hardwood rooftop deck.jpg
  • FSC Certified Ipe rooftop deck columns and pergola.jpg
  • Ipe Decking and rooftop garden at 450-Artisan-Way Photography by Patrick Rogers
  • Ipe Decking and rooftop garden in Massacusetts- photo courtesy of Patrick Rogers Photography


If you are designing and building a new structure, or are considering building a rooftop deck, balcony deck or over an existing patio, the Mataverde® EUROTEC® Deck System offers you a myriad of new looks and design opportunities. Learn more.

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