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ThermaWood Traditional Wood Siding Options


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Thermally Modified Hem Fir Siding Options

Mataverde Thermally Modified Hem Fir Siding is available in many traditional wood siding profiles.

Mataverde ThermaWood Hem Fir siding is a beautiful and high-performance exceptional real wood siding option that can be used in traditional tongue and groove siding profiles.  The material is produced in a specialized vacuum kiln using steam, pressure and low temperatures. Together, the steam and the pressure allows Hem-Fir (Hemlock) to be thermally modified at lower temperatures, producing a unique wood product with high performance and exceptional beauty.

Thermally Modified Hem Fir Siding and decking

 Mataverde ThermaWood Hem Fir T&G siding and trim


The finished product, Mataverde ThermaWood Hem Fir, is very stable, highly durable and outperforms the original Hemlock wood in many ways. Mataverde ThermaWood Hem Fir uses the upper grades of Hem Fir - "A&BTR" and "C&BTR" Vertical Grain for siding boards.  The product not only performs better but is absolutely beautiful as well. Mataverde Thermally Modified Hem Fir has the great looks you would expect to find in Western Red Cedar.


Therma Wood Hem Fir vertical

Mataverde ThermaWood thermally modified Hem Fir siding


Mataverde ThermaWood is manufactured by heating the wood to a temperature of 160º C (320º F) while it is protected with steam, under pressure.  Besides providing protection, the pressurized steam also affects the chemical changes taking place in the wood.  As a result of the carefully controlled thermal modification process, Mataverde ThermaWood is created. Its color darkens, it is far more stable than normal wood in conditions of changing humidity, and its thermal insulation properties are improved.



Mataverde ThermaWood Hem Fir Wood Siding Profiles

Here are the standard Mataverde T&G wood siding profiles currently available for ThermaWood Hem Fir (In-Stock).   Nominal 1 x 6 siding size, actual dimensions are 11/16" thick x 5-3/8" overall width.


Mataverde Therma Hem Fir 633EE siding profile

Mataverde ThermaWood Hem Fir 633 R1 T&G EASED edge siding profile (reversible)

1x6 ThermaWood Hem Fir wood siding Nickel gap profile

Mataverde ThermaWood Hem Fir Standard T&G "Nickel Gap" siding profile




Thermally Modified Hemlock siding used as fencing with Penofin Oil finish

Mataverde ThermaWood Hem Fir Tongue and Groove profiles work great for fencing and siding

Mataverde ThermaWood FR (Fire Retardant Treated) Hem Fir Wood Siding


Mataverde ThermaWood Hem Fir siding is now available with Thermex-FR fire retardant treatment.  ThermaWood FR is available In-Stock at our West Coast distribution center in all three siding profiles shown above; 633, 633EE, and Nickel gap. 

Mataverde ThermaWood FR fire retardant treated Hem Fir siding

Mataverde ThermaWood FR fire retardant treated Hem Fir siding installed vertically


Mataverde thermally-modified fire treated siding profiles meet the WUI standard and are classified as ignition resistant materials and can be installed as both siding and soffits over traditional wood framing and wall assemblies. 

Due to the increasing adoption of many of the most recent ICC (International Code Council), IBC and IRC code updates, many municipalities and jurisdictions having authority are requiring a more stringent flame and smoke density test.  


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