The Climate-Shield® Rain Screen System™ is the world's leading wood rain screen siding system. Mataverde® Ipe hardwood cladding is a beautiful and sustainable wood siding option for this remarkable system. Mataverde Ipe hardwood siding is extremely resistant to insects and decay and is a Class A fire rated architectural cladding material option.

Please select individual Ipe Rain Screen Gallery photos below to enlarge.
  • Ipe rain screen by Caples Jefferson Architects
    Ipe rain screen at Weeksville Heritage Center in Brooklyn, NY
  • Ipe rain screen facade Brooklyn, NY
  • Ipe rain screen in Florida
    Ipe rain screen in Florida
  • ipe rain screen climate-shield system
    Ipe rain screen and pergola design
  • Ipe rain screen in Maryland
    Ipe rain screen and green living wall system
  • Ipe rain screen with gray finish
    Ipe rain screen with uniform gray finish for "instant weathered patina" look
  • Ipe siding with stone
    Ipe rain screen siding combined with stone
  • Vertical ipe rain screen siding at USCG station in Delaware
  • Ipe siding on rain screen project
  • Ipe rain screen siding and decking in California
  • Ipe rain screen 110 grill
  • Ipe rain screen, soffit and decking
  • Ipe rain screen mixed material cladding
  • Vertical and horizontal Ipe rainscreen siding on Providence College
  • Ipe horizontal rain screen texas
  • Ipe rain screen exterior cladding
  • 1x4 Ipe rain screen vertical installation
  • Ipe rain screen commercial application
  • Ipe rain screen design in Boston area
  • climate shield rain screen with Ipe hardwood siding window detail
  • Warm Ipe rain screen siding complements the stone and water
  • Vertical ipe rain screen installation in Connecticut.jpg
  • Closeup of Ipe rain screen horizontal outside corners
  • Ipe rain screen siding with Ipe outside corner
  • Ipe rain screen siding installation on Canandaigua Lake -
  • Ipe rainscreen siding installed horizontally softens the vertical height like magic
  • Ipe rain screen siding adds beauty, value and curb appeal to a home
  • Manzanita ipe rain screen


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