Rainscreen Wood Siding Options

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With so many highly durable wood siding options to choose from, there are wood siding species to work with a multitude of different rainscreen designs. We are thrilled with the results of the Climate-Shield Rainscreen Wood Siding System. Whether your project design calls for a vertical, diagonal or horizontal wood siding installation, the Climate-Shield Rainscreen System can help you achieve your design goals, on time and on budget. High density hardwood siding options are favored by many architects who seek a beautiful yet long lasting rainscreen cladding material that requires little maintenance. Construction professionals from builders, remodelers and siding specialists to green builders admire the ease of installation of the Climate-Shield Rainscreen System and the look and feel of their completed rainscreen wood siding installation.

Vertical wood siding projects are easy to design with the Climate-Shield Rainscreen vertical rainscreen wood siding installationSystem. Architects are no longer encumbered with designing complicated multiple-layered furring strip configurations to create their rainscreen system. Builders also save lots of time and significantly reduce their labor costs because no furring strips are required with the Climate-Shield Rain Screen Wood Siding System. Builders and construction professionals also greatly reduce the amount of waste from their wood siding, because they can run their siding continuously, with no need to cut the siding material at every furring strip.

Machiche siding is a great rainscreen wood siding option. Machiche wood siding is a chocolate brown, high density hardwood that is very durable and long lasting. Machiche rainscreen siding is highly stable and is an FSC Certified wood cladding option.

Cumaru wood siding is a high density hardwood siding material that works well in rainscreen systems. Cumaru is typically a reddish brown color, yet ranges from yellow browns through cordovan tones, Cumaru is coarser grained and has lively color, exotic striping and grain variations.

Ipe wood siding is considered one of the best materials for use as a rainscreen climate-shield-rainscreen-system-is-a-very-cool-green-building-productcladding. Ipe wood is a highly stable, extremely durable, natural wood siding material and has great looks, too. With its rich brown tones and natural graining variations, Ipe siding fits many design color schemes.

Garapa wood siding is also a high density rainscreen hardwood siding material. Garapa siding is a golden yellow color with soft ribbon-like graining and ages to honey brown and amber tones. Garapa siding can be oil finished to retain its natural colors or allowed to mellow to a silvery gray patina. In addition to its beauty, Garapa siding is highly stable, and very durable.

Santa Maria wood siding can be used very effectively in a wood rainscreen system. Santa Maria is a medium-high density hardwood siding material that looks a lot like genuine Mahogany. Santa Maria siding ranges in color from a light pinkish brown to beige color with some fine-lined exotic striping and character. Santa Maria wood siding is highly stable due to its nature and it is also kiln dried and quartersawn for additional stability. If desired, Santa Maria can be stained effectively to meet a large palette of design schemes.


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