FSC® Certified Machiche Rain Screen Siding is a beautiful and eco-friendly hardwood siding option that may contribute valuable points toward a project's LEED Certification. Long-lasting and affordably priced, Machiche siding is often compared to Ipe because of its rich brown tones, handsome graining and durability. FSC Machiche is sure to add sophistication and unrivaled weather-resistance as an exterior cladding material on both residential and commercial structures.


Please select FSC Machiche Rain Screen Gallery photos below to enlarge.

  • Machiche siding Treehouse at Memorial City courtesy of MetroNational
  • Machiche hardwood rain screen
    FSC Machiche hardwood in a rain screen design
  • Machiche rain screen at UCSB
    FSC Machiche siding at UCB University of California Berkeley
  • FSC Certified Machiche hardwood rain screen siding
  • Machiche rain screen in California
  • Machiche hardwood siding rain screen
  • FSC Machiche hardwood wood rain screen with stone and stucco design elements
    Swatt Miers design with machiche wood rain screen, stone and stucco
  • Machiche_wood_in_outdoor_architectural_design_project.jpg
  • The-Treehouse-at-Memorial-City-MetroNational-7.jpg
  • Machiche hardwood siding and bridge at Treehouse
  • FSC Machiche Rain Screen vertical design
  • FSC Machiche rain screen in San Francisco
    Machiche wood rain screen in San Francisco
  • FSC Machiche rain screen cladding installed vertically
  • Machiche rain screen in Minnesota
    FSC Machiche rain screen in Minnesota
  • FSC Machiche rainscreen and balcony decks on apartments
  • Climate-Shield Rain Screen System with FSC Machiche hardwood cladding
  • Amazing Machiche wood siding design
    Amazing Machiche hardwood rain screen siding design
  • Machiche hardwood rainscreen installation closeup
  • Machiche rainscreen siding adds warmth and beauty to retail facade
  • Machiche hardwood rainscreen in Kansas City
  • Machiche rainscreen cladding on home
  • The-Treehouse-at-Memorial-City-MetroNational-5.jpg
  • Machiche Hardwood rainscreen in Missouri


Climate-Shield Rain Screen System

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