Mataverde® Garapa Rain Screen Siding is a beautiful and sustainable architectural cladding option that is extremely resistant to shrinking, splintering, cupping, twisting, checking and warping. Garapa's light honey blonde tones and soft looking satiny grain will turn a lovely silver color if left to age naturally.

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  • Sandy_Hook_Mataverde_Rain_Screen.jpg
  • Garapa rain screen project
  • Garapa rainscreen copyright
  • Garapa_cladding_commerical_application.jpg
  • Garapa Climate-Shield rain screen
  • Garapa_Rain_Screen_Lemoyne.jpg
  • Garapa_Soffit_PA.jpg
  • Garapa Rain Screen with custom outside corner
  • Brighton_Common_garapa_pregola_and_stage_area_(600x386)_(500x322)-resized-600.jpg
  • Garapa_pergola_and_hardwood_deck_and_benches_in_Brighton,_MA-_(600x394)_(500x328).jpg
  • Garapa Rain Screen installation in California
  • Svigals_Sandy_Hook_rainscreen_design.jpg
  • Climate-Shield Rain Screen System with Mataverde Garapa hardwood cladding -Hamptons, NY - Copy
  • Garapa Rain Screen Siding and Roofing
  • Garapa hardwood rain screen siding installed horizontally-1
  • Garapa hardwood rain screen siding graces new home in the Hamptons-1
  • Garapa rain screen and sun screen fin closeup at corner
  • Garapa hardwood rainscreen accents
  • Garapa vertcial rainscreen and soffits at entrance
  • Garapa horizontal rain screen and soffits
  • Garapa vertical rainscreen and soffits
  • Garapa hardwood vertical rainscreen copyright
  • Garapa rainscreen siding in California
  • Garapa rain screen installation nearing completion
  • Garapa siding architectural rainsceen cladding design in New England
  • Garapa wood rain screen in Charlotte
  • Garapa rain screen siding installation
  • Garapa hardwood siding fastened to Climate-Shield Rain Screen attachment channel over masonry
  • Garapa wood rainscreen vertical installation LaSalle University
  • Garapa decking, railing soffits and vertical siding at Lasalle University
  • Vertical Garapa Wood Rainscreen siding at Christian Brothers Home Lasalle University Philadelphia


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